Thursday, July 29, 2021

8 Aussie Fashion Labels To Keep Your Eye On In 2019

Our Top Designers of 2019

Discovering a new favourite label is a beautiful thing – and when an Australian fashion designer is at the helm, retail therapy feels downright patriotic. With an emphasis on great design and a commitment to moving towards a more sustainable industry, here are 8 homegrown talents we’re making wardrobe space for this year.


Australian fashion designer Arnsdorf
credit: @arnsdorf

Slow fashion champion Arnsdorf relaunched in 2016 with an emphasis on total transparency and sustainability. “We want you to build a long term relationship with your clothes, not a short term fling.” We’re sold.


Australian fashion designer Autark
credit: @autark_

Autark combines bold and feminine design with eco-conscious principles, making for fashion that truly caters to the forward-thinking, modern woman. Launched in 2016, Autark designs are created from luxury fabrics right in fashion designer Sophia McMahon’s Adelaide abode.


Chris Ran Lin

Australian fashion designer Chris Ran Lin
credit: @chrisranlin

Chris Ran Lin is the Chinese born fashion designer behind his eponymous label. After graduating from Melbourne’s RMIT, he quickly garnered serious industry attention for his bold menswear designs. Think vividly coloured knitted garments with a contemporary spin.



Australian fashion designer Remuse
credit: @remusedesigns

Melbourne based clothing label R E M U S E takes inspiration from the earth. Ethical production and trans-seasonal design are at the forefront of fashion designer Tamara’s clothing label.



Australian fashion designer by JUDE
credit: @designbyjude

Fashion designer Jude Ng brings his previous experience as an artist to the design table for his label, JUDE. JUDE specialises in gender-neutral clothing and accessories with an emphasis on ethical manufacturing and unconventional design.



A.BcH on Street Ruwnay 3 at Melbourne Fashion Week
credit: Zoe Kostpoulos

A.BCH is a Melbourne based independent fashion label with a commitment to ethics and sustainability. For clean and cool basics that made from sustainable materials, this label is one to note.



Australian fashion designer IVY NIU
credit: @ivyniu_label

Whimsical design and natural fabrics are at the core of inspiration for Brisbane based fashion designer, Ivy. Eclectic and exclusive, each pattern used in an IVY NIU design is from a limited edition print and will give you something unique to cherish for years to come.


Solomon Street

Australian fashion designer Solomon Street
credit: @solomonstreet

A slow fashion label that gives back to local and international communities, Solomon Street is a standout newcomer in the sustainable fashion landscape of Australia. Starting as a weekend market stall in Adelaide before launching a flagship store in the heart of the city, we foresee big things for this label.



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