Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Glad-Wrap Your Stomach in for Your Christmas Party!


One of our crew received this message from a friend via SMS. It’s hilarious, but sadly, she spent all her time when she wasn’t at work, sitting in the bath trying to calm down a bad case of resulting hives. What a mis-adventure! It could have happened to any one of us, so try not to laugh, this is serious! Before reading on, we must warn you: Do Not Try This at Home!

Top 5 Reasons Why You should Not Glad-Wrap Your Stomach In For Your Christmas Party

Plastic Wrap to lose weight


#1.  It Squeaks


Do not Try This at HOme Plastic Stomac Wrap


#2. You Sweat Profusely


sweaty face

#3. Fat Bulges Above and Below the GWL (Glad-Wrap Line)


bulging_Fatbulging fat 2









#4. Breathing is Difficult


can't Breathe


#5. Dancing is Impossible

Ricky Gervaise

Ricky Gervaise 2









Needless to say, We’ve been sworn to secrecy about who sent this to us. But there’s no doubt some of you reading this will recognise this case. 😉 And just in case you think we’re having you on, here’s the text minus her name & deets….


Do Not try this at home

Enjoy the festive season Revolutionaries!



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