Top 10 LOL Moments from a Fashion Festival


#Top 10 LOL Moments

It can be very different going to a fashion festival in your home town, compared to when you fly over to attend another festival.  For a start you know more people, you know the scene and you already know the vibe before you get there.  And if you’re a blogger, you probably know all the other bloggers and their photographers too.   While fashion is a very serious business, there are lots of lighter moments at these big events.  JoAnn Goh, aka The Glam Whisperer decided to share with us her Top 10 LOL Moments from her hometown’s fashion festival in Perth, the TPFF.

1.  You are somebody after you’ve been spotted with Rachel or Nikki from The Bachelor. Blake who?  #Perthonalities

Top 10 LOL Moments

2. When you turn up to the Myer Lunch in your Asilio dress that you’ve been saving, only to find 2 other ladies turn up in the same dress as you. Ooops! Fashion Blogger Faux Pas?

Myer lunch

top 10 moments

3.  When females in the audience didn’t realise that the male models from the Empire Rose show were indeed wearing sequin pants. Is #freethepants actually a thing?

Empire Rose Perth Fashion Festival

4. When it’s spring – but it’s really winter. Must shop shivering as we pose for photos by the media wall!

shivering-at-the-perth-fashion-festival5.  When you never have to buy hairspray and sea salt spray ever again, thanks to the gift bags! What is sea salt spray used for again?

Top 10 LOL Moments

6. When there is always that one person waiting at the end of the show to collect all of the remaining giftbags. I hear there was chocolate in the closing show giftbag! Somebody got a lot of chocolate!! ?

7.  The Telstra Glam Cam making everyone look as statuesque as a Madam Tassauds wax figurine.


8. When your phone dies on Closing Night from Snapchatting and updating Insta Stories at the same time. And no charger at the Art Gallery!

Top 10 LOL Moments TPFF

9. Shuffling to the after party post show drinks on the other side of Perth city because your absolutely stunning heels are so high!

Top 10 LOL Moments TPFF

10. Getting pizza after the shows. Who said that fashion bloggers don’t eat? We always eat carbs right after a show! #What you dont see at the festival!

Top 10 LOL Moments



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