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Top 10 Bag Trends for Summer

Designer Bags

From the playful to the practical, a new crop of bag trends are set to stand out this summer. If your a lover of  designer bags, you’ll know that these key accessories are key for a killer outfit. Check out the top 10 bag trends you’ll be loving this summer.

1. Micro Bag

Teeny tiny bags have been pervading runway shows all year. Now, we’re seeing this miniature accessory trend pop up more and more. Whatever the bag style, a shrunken version is set to be the chicest arm candy of the season. You might have to leave a few belongings at home, though.

Micro bag trends

2. Mock Croc

‘Mock croc’ is having a serious moment across clothing and accessories right now. From classic colours to brighter hues, croc-embossed handbags simply look more luxe than their smooth faux-leather counterparts. Outfit = instantly elevated.

Mock-crock trend
Sans Beast

3. Embellished Satchel

Practical and stylish in its classic form, the satchel bag gets a chic update this summer. Embellished satchels are the perfect mix of practicality and statement. This trend is definitely one to try if you’re looking to add some oomph to a conservative wardrobe.

Katya Komarova designs
Katya Komarova

4. The Elevated Shopper

Having been given the miniature and oversize treatment this year, we almost forgot how simple and stylish a classic shopper style bag can be. Instead of opting for drastic size variations, look out for shoppers with interesting details such as perforated material or contrast stitching.

shopper style bag
State of Escape

5. Totes Simple

If you’re all about the low-fuss life, investing in a high-quality tote bag will see you through the summer and beyond. While many canvas totes can look a little daggy when paired with a slick outfit, a higher quality version will perfectly complement a minimalist ensemble.

Tote bag trends

6. Circle Handle

Circle handle bags are a chic way to incorporate an abstract edge to your wardrobe. There are endless options when it comes to the style of the bag itself, but the handle detail is where it’s at this summer. Hardware handles can even tie in with your jewellery, too.

Bag trends for summer
Olga Berg


7. The Pouch

For a streamlined look, you can’t go past a sophisticated pouch bag. Who doesn’t love a bag that can see you through the workday, knock-off drinks and on into the night?

Pouch style handbags


8. Western Style

This major trend for 2019 has spread across belts, boots and bags. Western-style elements are showing no signs of losing clout in the fashion world. Wide, saddle style bags with western embellishments like hardware, pronounced stitching and tassels are a great way to amp up a summertime outfit.

Western bags


9. Basket Bag

Jane Birkin’s iconic European summer style has continued to influence the accessories game. Wicker style box bags or straw circle bags make for the perfect day time accessory.

Basket style bags


10. Statement Animal Print

We’re starting to think that even the wildest looking animal prints are becoming timeless. Snakeskin in clashing colours is sure to be the it-print of the season. We love a summertime statement!

Bag trends for summer
Sans Beast


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