Timeless Style Icons 4: Elizabeth Kingston


In our  Timeless Style Icons series, we continue here with Elizabeth Kingston from Brisbane who came to our attention on Instagram. Known by her moniker  @timeless_styling, Elizabeth has garnered a loyal following with lots of comments for her posts that feature her daily outfits. Her style is undoubtedly original. She describes it as “eclectic – never in fashion and so never out of fashion – mixing designer pieces with thrifted finds.”

Definitely influenced by Japanese designers, especially Issey Miyake, Elizabeth is also a great lover of accessories and has an enormous range of jewellery, hats and scarves that often make their way into her daily posts. Her motto: “More is always better.”

Says Elizabeth   “I trained as a Visual Arts teacher, majoring in Textiles (printmaking and weaving), but I currently only teach on a casual basis.

Back in the 80s and 90s, I had my own fashion label – Tpinjii Designs (from a Maltese word, meaning ‘to be drawn’), specialising in women’s wear, with the focus being on designing & printing my own fabric, colour, pattern, asymmetry and layering.”

Here are some amazing posts from Elizabeth’s Instagram account.

timeless style

Timeless style icons

timeless styling Elizabeth Kingston

Timeless fashion style icons

timeless style

Elizabeth Kingston Timeless Styling


Timeless Style Icons Elizabeth Kingston

Timeless Styling Style Icon

Do you know someone who’s a timeless style icon? Let us know. We’d love to hear about them and include them in a new post in this series.

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