Timeless Style Icons: 1


In this first in our series on timeless Australian style icons, Cocktail Revolution is featuring men and women who serve as perfect style and role models for all the rest of us! Our criteria for selection include being snapped “as they are” without going to extra fuss or bother to spruce themselves up. They are authentic. They have not been sponsored by anyone to feature their preferred fashion choices of the day. What they are wearing is what they themselves have chosen to wear and , we assume, typical of what they might normally wear on any given day.

One of our street style photographers from Melbourne, Mary Tham, couldn’t go past Michael Demissie when she spotted him in the Bourke Street Mall.  We think Michael looks like such an amazing style icon and role model for any age, that we thought he’d be perfect to feature him in the first of our series of timeless Australian style icons.

Michael, an employee of the state government of Victoria descibes his style as both “old fashioned and modern”. When Mary snapped him, he was wearing shirt, shoes and jacket by Jack London, teamed with hat.

mesn style Australia Jack London shirt Jacket


Jack London shirt, jacket, mens style Australia


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