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Man Bag? Clutch? Man-Clutch? Christopher Reading recommends men get with the programme to make sure they don’t spoil their style and overall look.

Gentleman of Cocktail Revolution, let’s look at something that men have tended to shy away from for many years and that’s the man bag or as I like to call it the “Man Clutch”. Yep. You heard right: the “Man Clutch”. It’s a simple male accessory that’s just starting to trend again. Why? Simple. Because men have more things to carry around again: their phones, wallets, combs, ear-phones etc, etc, etc, that all look ridiculous when  stuffed into trouser pockets.

Source: Foxnews

Source: Foxnews

And, because having mobile phones anywhere near that area is really, not such a good idea…

We’ve seen satchel bags, messenger bags, back packs and brief cases but the man clutch is something fresh. Some of you might remember your father or even grandfather carrying a man bag? They were generally small, not much bigger than hand-size (or two) with a few zips and compartments for various essentials. Honestly speaking? When I saw some of my dad’s mates carrying this around, I thought to myself “weirdo”. But not this time round. Now, they’ve got #Sass!

And yes, (he confessed) I’ve got one. Actually, since I’m confessing, I have to admit to having more than one, but let’s talk about my favourite. Yes, I call it my “man clutch”. It’s very plain and simple. -Nothing effeminate about it at all. Hell No! Convenience – hell yes – at a max! All my “must haves” easily come with me without making the pockets of my jacket and pants look over stuffed. And let’s face it gentleman by the time we carry our wallets, keys, mobile phones, comb, business card holders, etc our outer thighs start looking a little odd, mis-shapen even, and definitely unsophisticated; like a man who’s stuffed his pockets with loose change.

Man Clutch

Sassy style man-clutch: sourced from @ubermen_aus

Man clutches are not for everyone. But for men who want to look exceptionally stylish or polished, they’re a “must have” alternative to the “pockets-stuffed-with-loose-change” look.

The coolest ones I’ve seen are the ones that are very simple, sit relatively flat and don’t seem to shout “look at me!” Try imagining a leather envelope or document holder and you’re on the right track. It’s a “man bag” not a “hand bag” remember!

One of Christopher's man-lutches

One of Christopher’s man-clutches

-Christopher Reading

Christopher Reading


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