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The 10 Best Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

 Best Gift Ideas of a Different Kind

If you’re on the hunt for last-minute gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. The gift-giving season can feel like a stressful time, but for those of you who give gifts at this time of year, our last-minute gift guide will get you sorted with precisely zero trips to an overcrowded shopping centre. By giving considered gifts to your loved ones, you can make a difference far beyond your receiver and their immediate joy.

Here are our Top 10 best gift ideas of a different kind – all under $100!

1. Give Relief

Photo: AAP Dean Lewins on ABC

Weighing heavily on all our minds is the devastation caused by the ongoing bushfires. Giving a donation on behalf of a loved one is a great way to make a difference. You can donate to NSW fire services or even to charities dedicated to supporting families in the aftermath of a bushfire.

If you opt to donate to a charity like Vinnies, $50 can provide food for a family who have been evacuated from their homes. Further donations can go toward helping families with expenses involved in recovering from a bushfire.

2. Save Koalas

Christmas Gift Guide
With the bushfires also taking a toll on wildlife, there’s a great demand for support in restoring homes and caring for injured animals. $50 can help restore 10,000 urgently needed trees for Koala homes, while $75 can help with emergency care of Koalas that have managed to survive by the bushfires. Head to WWF for more info and ways to donate.

3. Save The Reef T


SISTA ÖF JAC is a sustainable fashion label that beautiful clothing does not need to cost the earth. Their SAVE REEF tee is a best-seller, and perfect for the fashionista with a conscience. 50% of each t-shirt sold will support the efforts of the Reef Restoration Foundation  as they regenerate damaged coral reefs.

4. Reusable Drinking Flasks

Christmas Gift Guide

Awareness around the impact of single-use plastic is growing,and we all want to do better by our planet. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a latte-guzzling loved one, consider buying them a reusable cup. Whether you go for glass or recycled plastic varieties, there are many well-designed and super-stylish products on the market today. A Frank Green purchase offsets the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing process in just 15 uses. Many brands even allow for personalised designs and slogans!

5. The Gift of Reading


All children deserve education opportunities. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that draws on the expertise of the Australian book industry to close the literacy gap. A donation of $50 will put 5 books into the hands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in remote communities. This gift might even encourage your loved one to provide monthly donations, which go even further to support the cause.

6. Give a Goat!

Give a Goat

Yep, you read correctly. For just $40, a goat can help empower a family to lift themselves out of poverty. Just one dairy goat can provide a family with 11,000 litres of nutritious milk to strengthen their bones and support overall health and wellbeing. A goat can also provide fertiliser for vegetable crops and create income long-term. To give a goat (or two) this Christmas, head to World Vision. The perfect gift for those who have everything!

7. Uplift Regional Australia #BuyFromTheBush

Christmas Gift Guide

A decrease in tourism and dwindling resources take a massive toll on businesses in communities facing drought, but social media has given us the opportunity to show our support. A recent Instagram movement started by @buyfromthebush shines a light on rural businesses, offering Aussies alternatives to their regular shopping outlets. These often-overlooked businesses have so much to offer in the way of clothing, jewellery, accessories and homewares. Show your support by purchasing #fromthebush this Christmas.

8. Save a Racehorse

Christmas Gift Guide
This year saw the controversy around the horseracing industry reach an all-time high. Many high profile fashionistas and celebrities withdrew their support for racing events or donated earnings from their appearances to charity. If you know an animal lover who took a stand against cruelty this year, you can give a donation in their name to help support the care of former racehorses.

The Save A Racehorse organisation is 100% volunteer-run and all donations go directly towards the care of their horses. Your donation will help to rehabilitate and rehome Thoroughbred Racehorses.


Know someone who’s passionate about refugee and asylum seeker rights? Gift them this WELCOME tee and they’ll be able to show their support in style. Cate Blanchett was even spotted wearing the design!  The best part? All profits from the sale of the tee go to West Welcome Wagon, a not-for-profit organisation that provides material aid to asylum seekers in the community.

10. Adopt a Wombat

Australian native animal - the wombat
Image: Tom Dempsey,via Buzzfeed

Wombats have been getting a raw deal lately with their natural habitats  and burrows becoming a nuisance for some farmers who are already doing it tough. For the animal lover in your life, why not adopt a wombat for them? You can adopt either a real wombat and present your loved one with an adoption certificate, a little more pricey, or buy the soft furry imitation kind that will also contribute to the Wombat Awareness Organisation. Or, make it simple with a $25 Tee that will help fund the organisation and promote wombat awareness!

If you can think of a meaningful gift to add to our list of best gift ideas, we ABSOLUTELY want to hear what it is!

In the meantime, thank you so much for all your support this year, especially in helping us to rank in the Top 4 Street Fashion Blogs in the world.


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