10 Reasons Why Your Tailor is Your Friend: Part 1


Clare Sheng runs The Fitting Room on Edward Street in Brisbane, a men’s tailoring and alterations service.  Clare wrote to us with a humorous little take on why your tailor is your best friend.  Amused, we’re happy to post here! #unsponsored  Here’s why Clare says your tailor is your friend …

Ok, so you’ve finally  finished school, whether it’s #uni, #tafe or #tradeschool. Excitedly,  you start a real job. Then, there’s pay-day! #Independence Suddenly you realise it’s time to ditch the t-shirt and jeans and start investing in well-fitting suits for all occasions. Here are a few things that will happen to you, when you upgrade your look and dress smartly every day.

Your Tailor Is Your Friend

#1. You start visiting your local tailor every month.

#2. You tailor will remember your style and alter your clothes to fit your style without prompting.

#3. Baggy trousers and loose fitting jackets make you cringe.

#4. You start wearing ties everywhere.

#5. Men will stop to admire your look on the street.

#6. Women will top to admire your look on the street.

#7. Your chances of getting the new job or promotion increase.

#8. You will own more than 2 pairs of leather shoes.

#9. Shoe polish becomes your friend.

#10.You will own more than 2 ties, in fact more than 10 ties.

Your Tailor Is Your Friend

In short, Clare advocates that your tailor is your friend, maybe your best friend! Clare has a lot more reasons why that’s so! We’ll bring the rest of her list to you in a future post ?

Meanwhile you can find Clare’s beautiful feed on Instagram.





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