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TAFE SA Fashion Graduates Showcase: Fused

Showcasing the Next Gen of
SA Fashion

Intern Sophie Radord attended the recent TAFE SA fashion graduates showcase, Fused, at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Here’s her take on the designs on show.

Finesse models, a banging playlist, the convention centre, TAFE SA Fashion and Costume Design graduate classes of 2022. Could you ask for a better combo? Yeah, you’re right. Maybe some champagne would be a nice little addition to that. OH WAIT. Yep they’ve got that too.

This annual showcase of the creative work by graduates of the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Fashion) and Bachelor of Creative Arts (Costume Design), from Flinders University and TAFE SA, seems to set higher standards every year. Is it because technology within the fashion industry continues to develop? Or is it simply because the talent and skill of the students coming through is of a higher quality? I’m more in favour of the latter. But it must also be said, this just can’t happen by co-incidence. It must obviously be due also to the quality of courses and teaching provided.

TAFE SA fashion Graduates runway

This is my sixth year of seeing the creations unveiled by TAFE SA fashion graduates and I can comfortably say it was my favourite by far. It was evident this year that the students didn’t feel confined to base their designs on current trends. They created pieces to represent themselves and everything they enjoy. Designs ranged from princess grunge to streetwear, equestrian, wearable art, evening wear, traditional draping, 60s chic and outdoors inspired high fashion.

A highlight of the Adelaide social and fashion calendar, the showcase ran over two and a half hours. That’s a far cry from the standard 15 minute runway show we see at fashion events around the country. Well worth the price of a ticket, if you could get one – they sell out! With the range and quality of designs on show, there was ALWAYS something to capture your attention.

Collections that stood out due to the detail, originality and concept were:

Ethereal by @x_2sl_

Fashion Boutiques Adelaide

Inspired by traditional Chinese garments from the Han Dynasty. This collection demonstrated a juxtaposition between being so visually delicate but having an overwhelming strength to its conceptual story and construction.

Grandmas Destash Collection by @grandpathief

TAFE SA Fashion Graduates Runway

Made exclusively with a sustainable foot print, these hand dyed, quilted and embroidery heavy pieces are made from fabrics recycled from local op-shops (YES. GIRL.)


TAFE SA Fashion Graduate runway

Inspired by the courageous journey of Leif Justham, who set out to ride his road bike, unsupported, around Australia to educate the population on how to divest in Corporate bodies that contribute heavily to pollution. During the early stages of his journey, Leif was tragically struck and killed by a truck on the Nullarbor. Ella Bowen, the talent behind 3go Label, used her project to honour Leif, by strictly utilising single use plastics to create a flawless collection, while portraying a confronting exhibition of textile waste.

Xavi Streetwear @xavistudios

Tafe Sa Fashion Garduates
@xavistudios Image: @emilymegaw and @chelseajohnsson

Drawing influence from Dingyun Zhang’s oversized puffer garments, this collection exploits asymmetry and curves for what would otherwise be very structured, traditional puffer jacket styles. These eye-catching pieces demand your attention! Impossible to ignore. 

A huge congratulations needs to be given to all the graduates, as well as the award winners who were sponsored by Homestart Finance:

Jordanna Miles – Fashion Graduate of the Year @grandpathief

Kelli-Ann – Academic Merit Award

Emma Campbell – Costume Graduate of the Year @emmacampbell_sdm

Eliza Stafford – Costume Academic Merit Award

Watching this amazing display by TAFE SA fashion graduates , I could only think that the future of Australia’s fashion industry is in the safest hands.

Featured Image: She.Bank
All Images, unless otherwise stated are by @naomishan_photography, courtesy @tafesafashion

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