Sydney Gathering of Dapper Men


Johnny Li, the man behind Dappertude, was born and lives in Sydney. His obsession with helping men to style themselves using “dapper” accessories sees him working with a team of friends from around the country who he calls the Dappertudists. They are all well known male style and fashion bloggers with large instagram followings and a high engagement with their  audiences.  Like Johhny, they always make an effort to present their best external self to the world. Our observations  of these guys is that their appearances mirror their internal selves: they are just great  guys.

Johnny Li and Duppertudists

Dappertudists from L-R: @theyounggent, @mistr.j, @shaunbirley, @samwines, @mrgumbatron, @stevetillystyle

Johnny’s aha-moment with accessories came when he was working overseas in Asia:

“I came across my first dapper accessory “the pocket square”.  “It in was a small boutique shop and I was wearing a suit (with no accessories) and the guy came up to me and threw a pocket square on me and turned me to the mirror and said “look, do you feel different?”. The moment I looked at the mirror I saw a changed man, a man with style, an individual, not a follower of the “navy suits, white shirt, no accessories businessman.” That’s where it began and I wanted the gentlemen at home to feel what I felt and so the idea for Dappertude sprang from here.”

Johnny goes on: “Accessories to an outfit are super important unless you want to be THAT guy who wears the same coloured suit that everyone else is wearing and just follow them. Without accessories you can’t show your own individuality, personality and style.

Johnny Li wearing accessories

Johnny Li

I wanted to introduce some elegance into this year’s winter with the release of my range of limited edition scarves, they are all made from 100% silk. The scarves are definitely for the gentlemen who want to add some attitude to their already dapper look, the designs are mainly paisley and are available in different colours. As it’s a limited edition release there will only be a small amount available and I believe they will go out the door.

Meanwhile, Johnny has been collaborating with other influencers and brands to present a gentlemen’s fashion seminar in Sydney: the first of its kind.

Blogger Shaun Birley will be speaking and answering questions along with being available to meet! #puttingtonguebackinhead  As will many of the other Dappertudists – all gathered in one place to help men put their best foot forward.

Dappertudist: Shaun Birley

Dappertudist: Shaun Birley

“The whole idea is to help educate men and guide them onto the dapper path. When they walk out the door at the end of the seminar, participants can expect:

.  a goodies bag with over $150 in products and gift vouchers from sponsored brands
.  to have learnt about accessorizing, suiting and grooming
. to be refreshed : we’re serving wine
. to be eligible for the “best dressed” prize of more than $1200 worth of goods including a free tailored   suit
. to be up for winning the “best sock game” and a 12-month’s subscription of socks
. to be inspired by our panel of Instagram influencers
. to have taken heaps of photos and be snapchatted a lot!”

Dappertudist Sam Wines

Dappertudist Sam Wines

Sounds like a fun day out, with a lot of learning too. Seating is limited, so you’ll need to organise a ticket. The Dappertude Seminar is  on at:

CBD Hotel, 4 F, 52 Kings St Sydney

Date: Saturday 16 July 2016

Time: 12.30pm-3.30pm

Click here for  Tickets




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