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One Size Fits (Almost) All Swimwear Label a Game Changer

Youswim Swimwear Fits Seven Sizes in One

Youswim is a good swimwear brand

Shopping for swimwear is nobody’s idea of having a good time. 

Even before factoring in society’s utterly unhealthy obsession with the concept of a ‘bikini body,’ shopping for swimwear presents plenty of challenges. Uncomfortable cuts, unsupportive material and limited sizing are just a few of the issues frequently encountered when the pre-summer pursuit of new togs rolls around.

Thankfully, revolutionary swimwear label Youswim have changed the game with their innovative swimwear designs.

What’s so different about them? According to the brand, their swimwear fabric adapts to you and fits your body’s natural state of flux. Like, really adapts.The YouSwim pieces on offer currently fit seven sizes in one. If you generally fit an Australian size 6 to 18, they’ve got you covered – no matter what shape your bikini body takes.

Swimwear for diverse body shapes
@you.swim @ebony_tali

When they came across their uniquely stretchy fabric, Perth-born founders Elise Wallbank and Julian Tali were immediately struck by the possibility of sizzles garments. Since launching in 2018, the sweatshop-free swimwear label has gone from strength to strength.

Celebrating all sizes is a message inherent in the label’s very design, but Youswim takes things further by ensuring their promotional imagery is diverse and unretouched.

One size fits all with Youswim
@dronme @you.swim

Normalising our bodies and their natural fluctuations over time is that much easier when what we choose to wear can adapt to these changes – that’s what makes the throwing out traditional sizing models so exciting. To have this innovation explode in an area of fashion that’s particularly notorious for it’s lack of diversity is even better still.  We love how they’re embracing diversity on their instagram feed – so refreshing and natural. 

It’s really got us thinking, maybe that pair of jeans in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants really did fit them all?!

Youswim swimsuits
@you.swim @ebon_tali

Best of all, these guys recently announced that they’ve become Certified Plastic Negative. What that means is that they are offsetting any nylon (plastic) in their swimsuits via Repurpose Global. Not only do they have plastic free and earth friendly packaging, but via this sustainablity platform, they remove as much plastic waste as may be produced.  To find out more about this game-changing swimwear, head to the official Youswim site.

Youswim one size fits all

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