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Es Una Changing the Face of Australian Swimwear

Swimwear Australian Made

Heading to Bali for a winter break? Maybe the Top End or Far North Queensland. Europe perhaps? Make sure you’re sorted with top quality protective swimwear, Australian made.

Not so long ago, it was impossible for the fairer amongst us to enjoy the beach. That is until Australian swimwear Brand Es Una came along and changed all that. Not only did founder Lyndal Sterenberg come up with a summer swimwear and lifestyle range that would allow those who easily burn to enjoy long days in the sun, but by catering for all women, no matter what their shape or size, she developed a lifestyle brand that would allow every woman to enjoy summer.

Meaning she is in Spanish, Una is also the name of Lyndal’s beloved grandmother, a playful optimist. In Lyndal’s view, she is enables us to define ourselves.

Swimwear Australian

Sterenberg’s label Es Una can be likened to adult rashies with much more style. During a summer family holiday she noticed how many other women were on the beach doing the same thing as she. Some were wearing sarongs, kaftans or were fully clothed. Fed up with covering herself with T-shirts and towels while others enjoyed the sun, she developed a range of sun protective gear that could double as swimwear or be worn over the top. There were a whole lot of women on the beach who were missing out on the fun, and now they’d also be able to join in. Playing in the water with their families was now an option!

Swimwear Australian - Es Una

Developing a range that offered sun protection, swimming and body confidence, Lyndal also realised that many women want to be role models for their children, to wear rashies. But because of body confidence issues, many don’t. Motivated to deliver a smarter swimwear solution, Es Una aims to provide comfort, coverage and confidence so that all women can enjoy the beach.

Es Una Swimwear Australian

Es Una is very proudly swimwear that’s Australian owned, designed and made locally in Adelaide by a certified Ethical Clothing Australia manufacturer. Having an ethical supply chain is critical to the brand’s ethos. “I can also go to bed each night and sleep soundly knowing that the team members in my supply chain are paid appropriately.”

“I can …go to bed each night and sleep soundly knowing that the team members in my supply chain are paid appropriately.”

-Lyndal Sterenber, Founder, Es Una

The label’s fabrics are made from recycled fishing nets. It’s UPF50+, which is the highest sun protection available. This is an ethical choice too, as the fabric doesn’t just cover, it protects skin from sun damage.

Australian Made Swimwear

Es Una women include those who are looking for more modest styles or a little bit more confidence, comfort or coverage. Those susceptible to melanoma can now have a lot more confidence about swimming at the beach or simply being in the sun. Something a little more “dressy”, the Es Una range offers tops in short or long sleeves, bottoms, shorts, skirts and long pants. Even coverall hoodies are an option. Each style is designed to address the different beachwear challenges women face. Most styles fill the transition gap to get to and from the beach without changing outfits, making holiday packing much easier. Sizes range from XS to XXL, or sizes 6-24.

Es Una

Women with scarring from surgery, or medical or autoimmune issues that require sun protection, often want to cover up too. Says Lyndal, “I am particularly proud to provide swimwear solutions that liberate these women, enabling them to enjoy summer again.”

“I am particularly proud to provide swimwear solutions that liberate …women”

-Lyndal Sterenberg

With Australia having the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, and the most common cancer affecting 20-39 year olds, Es Una is giving back via Melanoma Australia and #MelanomaMarch.

While summer may be over for many Down Under, there’s still plenty to sun to enjoy in Bali, Europe and the top-end, where Es Una can be relied on for fully enjoying long hot summer days.

Find out more about Es Una in Now Every Woman Can Enjoy Summer and A Bikini Like You’ve Never Seen Before.

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