Sustainable Fashion Spotlight: SISTA ÖF JAC

Saving the Planet and the Great Barrier Reef

Sustainable fashion and the importance of ethical design is beginning to get the attention it deserves. Online retail giants such as ASOS and The Iconic are beginning to highlight ethically made garments and sustainable fashion brands via curated edits and filtered categories. But is this really enough to curb the fast fashion buying habits of everyday shoppers? Countless new fast-fashion retailers are popping up online by the day. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to shine a light on those who are working toward a more sustainable fashion future. This week, our spotlight is on Australian label SISTA ÖF JAC.

Ethical clothing - womens fashion

Established in 2015 by Melbourne siblings Selda and Yeshim Ismail, SISTA ÖF JAC is a sustainable fashion label on the rise. The duo believes that beautiful clothing does not need to cost the earth. Wherever possible they work to ensure waste and emissions are reduced. The sisters are on a mission to create a sustainable and ethical luxury womenswear label. Theirs is an avante garde luxury brand that uses sustainable fabrics and ethical practises.

Sustainable clothing label from Melbourne

It’s not enought for SISTA ÖF JAC to abide by strict ethical guidelines during their creative process. They also want to educate and promote the wider message of sustainability to all.
Their love and support of the Great Barrier Reef can’t be overstated. Not only do they donate significant proportions of their sales to the Reef Restoration Foundation, they actually name garments after sea creatures. There’s a striking red “Anemone Coat”, a “Puffer Fish Jumper” and a “Bleached Coral Shirt” in their current collection, along with many other evocative clothing names.

Supporting Australian creative economies is a major part of the label’s aim. They collaborate with other Melbourne creatives not only to elevate the brand but also to generate opportunities within the local sustainable fashion industry.  Every intricately made garment is sewn in house and keeping their supply chain small ensures maximum transparency.

SISTA OF JAC Sustainable Fashion
“At SISTA ÖF JAC we aim to maintain an ethical process to design our stylish luxury garments, believing the production of quality clothing should empower those working within the fashion industry – rather than extort it.

Our supply chain is small, as to maintain transparency when delivering a collection. We know how our Australian fabrics are printed, and ensure our rescued fabrics from the UK and Italy are from responsible suppliers. This ethical production process is kept in check by Ethical Clothing Australia, and their accreditation ensures that our supply chain workers are paid appropriately and operate in a safe work environment through frequent checks. We also take pride knowing we help fund an organisation that continues to educate our industry on best ethical practice.

Each garment contains intricate design and boning, so to ensure each item is delivered to the highest quality are cut and sewn in house. We’ve collaborated with many Melbourne creatives to deliver our brand over the years, and love that we have been able to support other Australian creative economies.

Through our process, we hope to generate more sustainable opportunities locally in the fashion industry, and be a responsible role model on how luxury fashion can be ethically focused.”

SISTA OF JAC Sustainable Fashion

Follow SISTA ÖF JAC on Instagram. Or check out their innovative sustainable fashion designs in our online shop.

Street style photos by GAZIPHOTO.

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