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As part of her prize for topping your vote for favourite style and fashion look, South Australian student Lauren Reid won the opportunity of a fashion shoot  modelling iconic Designer Liza Emanuele‘s  latest range. We promised we had loads more photos of Lauren’s photo shoot.  Here’s our second post with all new outfits on show.

Lauren met designer Liza for the first time at Liza’s  boutique in Adelaide’s fashionable King William Road. A little nervous about the shoot, Lauren first went for coffee at one of the nearby trendy cafe’s, but still found herself arriving fifteen minutes early. Shocked at having topped the vote for Cocktail Revolution’s style fashion favourite, Lauren confessed that some of the jitters  stemmed from not having the usual model “specs”.  When Liza, her assistant Xuan and Regina Sole Queen‘s Rosie all warmly welcomed Lauren into their busy little hub, her nerves faded and Lauren was able to fully enjoy the experience.  After all, that’s what this dedicated fashion photo shoot is all about: styling “real” people!

Taking time out from a hectic day booked almost solid with bridal appointments, Liza was more than happy to meet and help style Lauren’s look.  Lauren was “surprised” at what was chosen for her, as they were choices she wouldn have made for herself, but admitted that she was amazed at how good they looked and how great they felt to wear. “I wouldn’t have chosen them for myself. I’m so glad at the choices that were made for me. They looked and felt amazing!”

Describing her experience as not only enjoyable but having taught her so much more about what suits her, Lauren went on to say: ” The whole experience made me reassess my choices and what styles and colours really suit me. I learnt a lot.”

And here are those amazing photos from Lauren’s shoot!

Liza Emanuele- modelled by Lauren Reid


Liza_Emanule_Lauren_Reid BW_Windswept

Lauren Reid models in King William Rd

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“This dress was definitely the most fun to wear. It was fun and flirty and was the one that I felt was most me.”

Dress: Liza Emanuele – AMELIA

Heels: Regina Sole Queen – DIVANE

Lauren Reid in Green Liza Emanuele Dress

Lauren Reid models Liza Emanule Dress with Reginal Sole Queen Shoes

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“I thought the colour and style suited me. It’s the kind of outfit I don’t really get the chance to wear, but I loved it and it was incredibly comfortable. I’d love to wear more of this style!”

Dress: Liza Emanuele – OLIVIA

Heels: Regina Sole Queen – WHISP

Lauren Reid modelling her favourite Liza Emanuele dress

Lauren Reid twirls while modelling Liza Emanuel Floral kaftan

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“This one was the one I immediately gravited towards when I saw it on the rack. It felt beautiful, lovely and fun.”

Kaftan: Liza Emanuele – KIRSTY

Lauren Reid models Liza Emanuele's "Michelle"

Lauren Reid in Liza Emanuel "Michelle"

"Michelle" modelled by Lauren Reid

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“This one had the most equisite detail. It was my least favourite on the hanger. I thought I’d look matronly. But I was so surprised! I felt amazing wearing it and I thought the structure really suited me. I felt it made me walk taller and more confidently. I loved it!”

Dress : Liza Emanuele – MICHELLE

Heels: Regina Sole Queen – THRILL

Designer Liza Emanuele with model Lauren Reid

We’re excited that Liza’s making a special offer to Revolutionaries and fashionistas following us!  Receive an additional 10% discount off all  Liza Emanuele items. That includes items already on sale!  Simply enter the word COCKTAIL just before payment on Liza’s site. (This offer will only last until midnight (Adelaide Time) 28 February 2016. ) Weeeeeeeeeee!




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