Style & Fashion Favourite July 2015: Rebekah Stuart


Graphic Designer and creative behind T-shirt label Red Panda Collecive, Rebekah Stuart is much more comfortable behind the camera lens than in front of it. Winner of your vote for favourite style and fashion look for July 2015 Bekyy as she is known, was a reluctant subject when our photographer spotted her in Adelaide.

“I was running across the road on my work break to grab a coffee from Cibo when your photographer saw me and asked for my photo. She said she spotted my boots from a few shops back and just had to get a photo! I was quite taken aback when she asked me,” said Bekyy.

Australian born, of English descent, twenty two year old Bekyy designs and makes a lot of her own clothes. By day, Bekyy’s a Receptionist and budding Graphic Designer for Showpony Advertising. At all other times, she’s an artist and fashion designer behind her own label. She modeled some of them for us in her photo shoot.

“I have a t-shirt label called Red Panda Collective. I have recently also started designing shorts, dresses and other bits and pieces. I also sell prints of my artwork through my website. I work on the label in my spare time.”

Says Bekky, “Cafeine runs in my veins. I’m often up till 2 or 3 in the morning designing and sewing clothes to wear the next day.”

Well, it sure doesn’t look it!

Along with her dedicated photo shoot and feature here, Bekyy won a hair styling session by local hair salon, a wonderful big bundle of Happy Socks, sent from Sweden.









Coat: Vintage

Print Dress: Asos

Over Knee Boots: The Iconic

Black Jacket with Leopard Print Dress: Asos

Orange Dress: Red Panda Collective

Scarf: Red Panda Collective

Shoes: The Iconic


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