Local, Men’s and South Korean Street Style Trends


We promised we’d bring you man-trends from New York Fashion Week.  Truth is, the strongest cold weather men’s street style trends are not new and they’re not wow- but they’re definitely hard to ignore. Last week we pointed out the cross-body  styled bum-bag for both men and women that’s new at least!  This week, we also tip our hats to a cute little accessory from South Korea.



Out on the hustings again this week and the look we spotted that’s dominating ATM for all genders is monochrome. Whether it’s black and white or navy and white, everyone’s sun-striking out in  monochromes. Houndstooth checks, tartans, stripes or patterned text – it’s a trend that’s scoring highest this week!

monochrome street style trends

monochrome trends in Australian streets this week for both men and women



Olympic Ice Trend

South Koreans have the most amazing street style looks but with temperatures hitting minus-minus, there was one trend of a different kind that caught our eye.  Pairing the Olympics with Valentines day perhaps, two-tone gloves that make a heart sign when you cross your finger and thumb were selling like hotcakes in Pyeongchang. Not sure we’d see Aussie boys getting heavily into this one, but we’ll let you know if we spot any out there.

two tone gloves for men and women

Photo: South China Morning Post


Man Layering

They absolutely froze their proverbials off during New York Fashion Week. Freezing temperatures saw the coats come out in droves. While the men were out there piling layers on their layers, the trick was to leave a couple of outer layers open, exposing buttons, zippers and even tartan trimmings. Women meanwhile kept it zipped.

Mesn style trends from New YOrk Fashion Week - layering

Photos: Dan Roberts, GQ

Beanie Boys

French style Berets, hoodies, caps and an assortment of other headwear adorned men’s heads at NY Fashion Week, but but it was the humble beanie that dominated heads in full force trend – contrasting block colours to coats. Sun specs have to be full circle round-round-round! Loving those cross body  bum bags too!

Mens street style trends from New York Fashion Week - the humble beanie returns!

Photos: Dan Roberts, GQ

Check it Out Again!

Plastic fantastic raincoat finishes caught our eye, but simple checks were hard to ignore. Understated on weaves and louder on puffer jackets, checks are not going anywhere anytime soon.  And the only length going for coats – knee level or just below!

mens style trends plastic raincoats!

Photos: Dan Roberts, GQ

Men's style trends at New York Fashion week -checks

Photos: Dan Roberts, GQ

Men's style trends at NYFW - checks on Puffer jackets

Photos: Dan Roberts, GQ


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