More Street Style Highlights from Fashion Week Sydney: MBFWA


More street style highlights from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia…

Never quite accepted the expression “All good things must come to an end”.  We’ve often been heard to  say “at least not just yet”.  If we could, we’d keep Fashion Week in Sydney going. It was huge, demanding and exhausting. But also informative and loads of fun! Many of those involved were flying in or out to the Cannes Film Festival during the week, while others were flying in or out to work, or their various other commitments. It’s all over for another year, and we wish all the Designers involved the very best in sales and revenues. We’ve heard that many of them have had sales flying off their virtual shelves. That’s exactly what fashion week is meant to achieve and we’re glad it did.

For many, Fashion Week is a load of hard work. For others, it’s a new and exciting experience and a first point of entry into the fashion industry.  But there’s absolutely no doubt, no matter how you get to be involved in Fashion Week, there’s also a load of partying to be done, ranging from invite-only after-shows to blogger-brunches.

While we’ve had a photographic presence at Fashion Week for some time, it was our first time attending as a small group.  We loved meeting fellow photographers, bloggers, models, designers, fashion students, and industry insiders. We can’t wait for it to come around again.  We’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to learn more.

We, meanwhile, are still poring over all our wonderful snaps, so although Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has ended, we’ve still got lots more photos we’re happy to share. Here’s a batch of some more of our street style favourites, all snapped by the amazing Dimitra Koriozos.

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 02

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 03

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 04

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 05

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 06

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 07

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 08

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 09

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 10

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 11

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 12

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 13

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 14

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 15

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 16

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 17

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 18

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 19

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 20

street style

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 21

street_style_Th_#MBFWA - 22




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