Street Style Highlights from Day 5: MBFWA


Here’s our snapshot of what went down on Day 5 of Fashion Week, from the runway…to street style highlights…

Day 5 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week seemed to have as much drama as it did fashion. The Pacific Resort Runway, of a group of Fijian Designers sponsored by Fiji Fashion Week,  garnered a huge amount of interest. While starting late had become the norm at Fashion Week, the huge crowd that gathered for the Pacific Resort Runway was still waiting 2 hours later.  No explanations. Then finally, after close to two hours of waiting, the weary crowd dissipated when the words “technical problem” began to circulate. Rumour had it that part of the Carriageworks “roof  fell in”. While Fashion Week management immediately issued press releases to the media, the waiting crowd was left completely in the dark. Sydney’s Daily Telegraph published  photos of a large piece of timber, that thankfully made a large noise as it hit a lighting rig. This alerted models, organisers  and backstage hands, shocked as they  were, to move out of the way in time. Rescheduled a further 90 minutes later, the Pacific Resort Collection was a range well worth waiting for. And many did. The Collection included Marika Deku, RFX, Robert Kennedy, Model Citizen (now Brisbane-based) and  Jo Kilda (now Singapore-based)

Modelling the resort, street and evening wear by a range of ethnically diverse models was a welcome relief to Day 5 of Fashion Week, via the  Pacific Resort runway.  Sam Harris and Yaya Deng did model at Carriageworks, but for many who attended it seemed to be a case of “blink and you’ll miss it”. Not so with the Pacific Resort offering, that included four Fijian models. This was a marked and welcome departure from collections shown earlier that exhibited white bikinis and beautiful, white-lace one-piece swimsuits only on ivory skinned models (white-on-white). Not showing the collections to best-effect, we’d have thought.

Always a highlight, graduate designers’ collections bring with them a large and supportive audience of fellow students, friends and families who cheer loudly at the end of each collection.  Such a vibrant and positive mood set the tone for an exciting and upbeat collection by international design school The Raffles College of Design and Commerce, showcasing the very best of its emerging fashion designers. Supporters turning up for this runway show added a more diverse, casual and nose-thumbing dimension.

The crowd attending Day 5, the last day of Fashion Week was definitely more chilled and more diverse than we’d seen before. While fashion-week go-ers and bloggers are renowned for being paid – or given for free-   outfits to wear, there was a slightly more authentic feel about the day. Fijians and other Aussie Pacific Islanders attending definitely turned up in-theme, while friends and supporters who had turned up to see the design school offerings, had styled themselves in their own creations.  It kept us busy and happy! Here’s a snapshot of the looks we saw crossing the old railway tracks at Carriageworks, through the lens of Dimitra Koriozos.

street_style_fashion_week_F - 24

street_style_fashion_week_F - 23

street_style_fashion_week_F - 22

street_style_fashion_week_F - 21

street_style_fashion_week_F - 20

street_style_fashion_week_F - 19

street_style_fashion_week_F - 18

street_style_fashion_week_F - 17

street_style_fashion_week_F - 16

street_style_fashion_week_F - 15

street_style_fashion_week_F - 13

street_style_fashion_week_F - 12

street_style_fashion_week_F - 11

street_style_fashion_week_F - 10

street_style_fashion_week_F - 09

street_style_fashion_week_F - 08

street_style_fashion_week_F - 07

street_style_fashion_week_F - 06

street_style_fashion_week_F - 05

street_style_fashion_week_F - 04

street_style_fashion_week_F - 03

street_style_fashion_week_F - 02

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