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Street Style – Covid19 Update

street style Melbourne

We were planning to return to our regular weekly street style gallery in November 2020. However, with Adelaide’s sudden lock down and caution requiring  social distancing, we have once again put our weekly gallery on hold. 

Please note: The photos in this gallery were taken before a global pandemic was announced by the World Health Organisation.  It is the last gallery we will be publishing until further notice, suspending our weekly street style gallery for the first time since 2012.  Our team is focused on making sure we do not spread Covid-19 and for that reason will not be out photographing young Aussies in the street, which is contrary to social distancing.

We hope to announce a new way of presenting your individual style and fashion choices, shortly.  Stay safe. Stay home if you can.

Street Style Australia Gallery

It’s a big week in Melbourne and with VAMFF well underway, we’re bringing you this week’s gallery from Australia’s street style fashion capital!

Tap for more info or a slideshow and to enlarge each image. Vote for your favourite “look” by tapping on the cocktail glass on the Left hand side of the photo in our gallery below. You have until the timer counts down to zero. Top-voted favourite for the month may be invited to model for an Aussie fashion label! You can check out all our previous top-voted favourites here!

If you’d like to feature in our gallery, don’t wait to be spotted by our shutterbugs! Send your own snaps via our Contact Us pageOr, DM @cocktailrev on instagram and let us know where you’ll be in your city!

  • Melbourne: Nattaachay, Cohen Lane. "Vintage." Photo: Hannah Guyer

  • Melbouren: Ari Vafa, Medical Research, Convention Centre. "Make life colourful." Photo: Hannah Guyer

  • Melbourne: Jirasin Kamalanon, Student, Little Bourke St, "Just follow my instincts". Photo: Hannah Guyer

  • Melbourne: Gongyu Zhang, Student, Little Bourke St. Photo: Hannah Guyer

  • Melbourne: Maggie, Student, Little Bourke St. Photo: Hannah Guyer

  • Melbourne: Dorophy, Little Bourke St, city. "Wearing Pleats Please." Photo: Hannah Guyer

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