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Start the Year Right with Sustainable Dresses

Find Sustainable Dresses

Ah, the new year! Not only is it filled with recuperating from the festive season, but it’s also filled with the need to find the PERFECT outfit for all those summer events and holiday outings. Numerous tabs are opened and hours are spent trawling through shops to find the sparkle we are searching for. But what if you discovered there was an easier (and sustainable) way? One that reduced the endless tabs and was kinder on your feet? Slow Fashion Stylist Jenna Flood outlines her top tips for finding sustainable dresses for a bright start to 2023.


Fashion Boutiques Adelaide
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Storing and washing holiday outfits takes up space, money and time. Why not let someone else do the work? Rental services like RNTR and Glam Corner have a wide variety of looks for you to choose from. You just have to do the hard work of selecting the right outfit! Once you have partied the night away in it, simply drop it off at the closest post office. Another bonus of renting your look for the night is that you can borrow from the wardrobe of your favourite designers for much less than they retail for. You will have everyone saying “I love your outfit!” all night long.

If you are looking to try out a new style, then check out InRo. Have a personal stylist select up to 6 styles each month based on your answers to the style quiz. Its a fantastic way to try out new looks without the hassle of shopping or tiny change rooms.


Sustainable Dresses
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If you have left it too late to rent a dress, why not try a closer source? Why not try your best friend’s wardrobe? We all have that one friend who always looks runway ready. Ask if she’s willing to lend out a dress or even style you for a night out. Of course you’ll have to be ready to repair any damage and dry clean it before returning. Borrowing is a great way to strengthen friendships, you never know when you can return the favour.

Buy Pre-Loved

Fashion Boutiques Adelaide
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Sometimes you just need to shop, and we can’t blame you! But instead of looking at the usual shopping malls, why not try something a little different and head to your local op shop. You’ll be sure to find something shiny and sparkly for all those new January events! Be open to getting crafty and taking up hems or altering the shape of your chosen look. Guaranteed to provide a look that is uniquely yours.

Use What You Have

Fashion Boutiques Adelaide
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Let’s take a deep dive into your wardrobe. Lurking behind those yoga pants and barely worn tops are sure to be the makings of the perfect outfit. Get creative with textures and layering to try something new. Throw up your hair or don some sparkly earrings to get those glam juices flowing. Try a new lip colour or play up your eyes with some clashing colours. If in doubt, always incorporate sequins or something glittery to get the party started. You may be surprised by all that stuff that is hidden away in the back of your wardrobe that you’d forgotten you have!


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is a slow fashion stylist and specialist in
sustainable dressing and living.
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