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Each month we feature a new or emerging Australian designer. This month we meet the woman behind Perth Label Siss on Bare .  Story: Jacqueline Miholos.

Born in Malaysia and growing up in London and Milan,  Intan Zuhuri knew she wanted to become a designer from the age of 13.  “I took out my mum’s sewing machine and started to use it and wanted to learn more about the machine itself.” It was in Perth, Western Australia where she eventually settled that she also established her label Siss on Bare.

After a comment by her husband, that “we live once, so why not achieve your dreams”, Intan credits Australia for providing her with the support she needed to become a fashion designer.

Designed for the elegant woman, SISS on Bare collections have been sell-outs, probably because  Intan combines the luxurious with the contemporary. SISS On Bare produces prêt-a-porter, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns which are both sophisticated and simple while always structured to flatter a woman’s shape. Intan designs her collections with a focus on bold colours and patterns, laser cut fabrics and scuba materials  that create crease-free garments. Her motto is #IFYOUDARESISSONBARE!

Siss on Bare

Intan’s career highlight was when she showcased her SS15 Collection at Mercedes Benz Festival Brisbane. It was then that she felt her dream had come true. She loved every second of it. Yet design work comes with challenges and one of Intan’s biggest is to create collections that are on trend while still remaining in line with her signature style. “There are so many talented designers out there. Finding your ‘zing’ is pretty challenging sometimes.”

Siss on Bare

Intan draws her design inspiration from her three sisters, Didi, Hani and Umi who each have different styles. Designing with all three sisters in mind influences Intan to push herself to create a collection which all three would love.

Siss on Bare Designs

Intan has big dreams for SISS on Bare. She would love to open stores in Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Achieving that would make her “very proud of myself”.

Intan’s very excited about Siss on Bare’s collaboration with a Malaysian organisation that employs single mothers in manufacturing. Siss on Bare’s next range will be produced by these single mothers who will then be in a position to provide for their children.   As a mother herself, even with an incredibly supportive husband, Intan understands how hard it can be to raise children. For this reason she’s incredibly supportive of women who are doing it on their own. She intends to use SISS on Bare as a platform to help mothers in need.



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