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Shop Forever New via Qantas & Get Ready to Travel the World!

Shop Forever New to
Earn Travel Points

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Instagrammers seem to travel the world, jet-setting from country to country, posing in incredible new outfits that stand out against their chosen scenery? As they sip champagne, change outfits countless times on their reels and never have a hair out of place, do you find yourself wondering how they manage to pull it off?  Now that international travel has opened up again, we’re here to share a couple of clever tricks about how you can join the party. 

First Nations Fashion Design
The Anchorage, Port Stephens @qftravelinsider

Not every airline ticket spent in producing that latest fashion reel that’s gone viral was paid for in cash. In reality, your favourite influencers from Australia are most likely earning Qantas frequent flyer points and paying for their trips in points. Not only that, but they could also be selecting their holiday outfits at a discount while earning those points. And right now, you too can join the party, selecting those holiday outfits at a discount while earning those frequent flyer points to help get you airborne. Ideally, one of the ways to get you there is to shop Forever New via the Qantas website.

Shop Forever New via Qantas
The George Seattle @qftravelinsider

How It Works

Let us explain. To encourage our return to travel, Qantas is making it stupidly simple to earn those badly needed frequent flyer points. They’ve set up a virtual shopping mall via their frequent flyer page. For those of us who are not completely aware of the frequent flyer point system, its pretty easy to get the hang of. You can earn points by paying for goods and services with your favourite credit card. Those points can then be traded for paying, or partially paying, for Qantas flights.

First Nations Fashion Design

First, you’ll need to make sure your credit card is accepted by the program and sign up via your bank or when you take out a credit card. Visa and Mastercard are preferred providers and if you use one of these you can unlock exclusive additional bonus points to help you accumulate your required numbers needed for your choice of destination.  

Shop in a Virtual Mall

What’s more exciting is that Qantas have now set up a virtual mall. Qantas has taken the last two and a half years of COVID into account and made shopping your favourite brands from home easier than ever. Virtual store fronts range from your everyday grocery needs such as Woolworths to your favourite technology brands like Apple and Microsoft. Popular brands such as Kathmandu, Adidas, Bonds, Forever New and heaps more are there too. You can even earn points by filling up with petrol at your local BP servo! That is definitely one deal you should absolutely be cashing in on while petrol prices are at an all time high!

First Nations Fashion Design

Just when you think the range of stores appearing in this virtual mall couldn’t get any better, they added Australia’s favourite department stores such as David Jones, Big W, Myer and Harris Scarfe to the mix. Much like any city mall, the Emporium, or Harbour Town, this virtual mall genuinely has EVERYTHING, and, has the added benefit of saving precious time because no-one ever needs to schlep to a physical store and back. 

Earning & Spending Your Points

So, why the hype, you ask? After all, you can access all your go-to brands online anyway. The biggest advantage is that Qantas has brought everything into a single online platform and by having all of the virtual store fronts in one place, Qantas is able to track your spends when you enter the storefronts through the Qantas website. This saves you the hassle of having to keep track of them all yourself.

First Nations Fashion Design
@shontinarose in Forever New

When the time comes that you’ve accumulated enough points to truly treat yourself, you don’t just have to spend it on flights or flight upgrades like you might think. There is an entire Qantas store online devoted to things you can purchase using your points. Anything you can think of that you want or need is likely to be available through a points purchase. If you don’t have enough points to get what you’re after, you can also use them as a discount and pay part points, part cash. The calculations are all worked out for you, making life so much easier. 

First Nations Fashion Design
@forevernewofficial @hollyleeboorman

Fans who like to shop Forever New are in for a real treat. Points can be earnt through using your Visa or Mastercard at the higher rate of 1 point for every $4 spent. On top of that there’s also a massive sale on right now with everything up to 50% off, with the added convenience of paying via Afterpay or Zip it.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Look out for conscious choices on their site, as Forever New have signed up to the Better Cotton Initiative, a system of sourcing cotton that is more traceable in the growing, manufacturing and supply chains.  

If you’re looking for curve options, shop Forever New’s ‘Curve Sale’.  Add accessories, bags and shoes that are all on sale and you’re getting a load more for a load less! The outfits, the discounts and the points together make up a winning trifecta.  

First Nations Fashion Design
@forevernew_curve @dedikated_lifestyle

Don’t hang around though. If it’s clothes you’re after, the Forever New sale via Qantas ends this week. 

This really is a great way to plan the next overseas trip.  Not only can you aim for the points needed to get to your chosen destination, you’ll be putting together the outfits you’ll need for those Instagram shots at the same time, if that’s your thing.

Keep an eye on your budget to make sure you stay within limits, and the rest is as easy as a click or a tap.

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