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A shout-out on Facebook for Revolutionaries interested in taking part in a Road Test to try out a new product or service saw us select three followers who answered the call. With no idea of what they’d be testing or what was expected of them, we met up with our new tyre-kickers in Rundle Street East. We took them around the corner to try out a little cafe none of them had ever heard of before – SAD Cafe in Ebenezer Place.

# Now Known as Laneway Espresso House

Road Test - Sad Menu

Ma-Musu Nyande at Sad Cafe, Ebenezer Place

Ma-Musu Nyande


Sad is an incredible little hipster cafe in an exclusive part of Adelaide city. The food wasn’t just amazing, the customer service was also incredible. The staff made me feel welcomed and comfortable and that’s always a plus when you eat out.

I ordered the classic Avo Smash with Peas. It tasted just as good as it sounded and the portion size was really good. I wasn’t even able to finish mine. So you definitely get your money’s worth.

I hadn’t even heard of it before. I loved it and yes I will definitely come back to Sad Cafe. I’m going to invite my friends to meet here this weekend.

Sad- smashed avocardo

Luke Francesca

Luke Francesca


It was great to journey with Cocktail Revolution to review this local little cafe called Sad in Ebenezer Place. Had some breakfast. Really lovely vibe. Urban little spot. It’s got that rustic, warehouse look with exposed ceilings. The customer service was fantastic. The owner Katerina is going out there and doing what she believes in  so it had a very personal feel and the other lady Celeste was also warm and welcoming.

Food wise it’s a breakfast spot with meals for during the day.

I went for something I wouldn’t usually go for because it was recommended by the owner and I thought it would be great to try something completely different.  I had Mushroom Ragout Bruscetta with poached eggs, goats cheese and black truffles. It was a vegetarian dish that I wouldn’t normally order but really wanted to try because of the recommendation. It was a very big portion, very good value for money. It was very fresh, very wholesome and very good value for money at $18. I really enjoyed it. Maybe it was a little bit too big and a little too much of everything on the plate to what I usually like. But overall I thought it was really yum, I loved it, I really did.

I would definitely come again, meet a friend or bring my partner for a nice breakfast. So many places don’t do those big portions. I think it was fantastic, overall a really positive experience.  Their menu is very detailed and I think it would be difficult to maintain but I’m definitely coming back. Overall, it’s fantastic.

Road test Sad Cafe- Mushroom ragout

Katelyn at the Sad Cafe

Katelyn Ellery

Event Manager

I had the bacon and eggs with the wood smoked bacon and the sour dough bread.  I really, really loved the apple-wood smoked bacon! I loved that it was a massive serve.  If you come with a group of friends you can take your time over the food because they were such big portions.  I really loved the coffee. Not many people get the long black right and the coffee was fantastic!

I loved that it was a massive serving. It would be awesome if you were to come with a group of friends. It’s not like some short little meal. It’s a big serving so you can stay and spend some time.

I definitely would come back and bring my partner who would love the massive portions. This is probably the biggest serving I’ve ever seen, but he would seriously demolish the serving: he would love it!

The customer service was great. They were really social and relaxed and you didn’t feel uncomfortable. It was like going to a really funky lounge room. They made it feel relaxed and easy going. It had a really  casual atmosphere where you could talk to friends without feeling out of place.

Road Test - poached eggs with apple-smoked bacon

 Celeste at Sad Cafe

Road Test- Sad Cafe

Sad cafe, signage


Sad Cafe is now known as Laneway Espresso House: Shop 4, Ebenezer Place, Adelaide. 8223 2135

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