Road Test New Products!


We are so excited  to launch our new project:

#Road Test!

# Road Test: What Is it?

We want your opinion about new products and fashion ranges. We’re looking for people to Road Test new products! If you’d like to be selected to join us in trying out new accessories, fashion ranges, grooming products, or even experiences, read on!

We’ll be inviting and selecting Cocktail Revolutionaries who have subscribed to our pages to road test new products and services and tell us what you think of them. We’ll invite you to give us your honest opinion and then we’ll publish. We’ll do this via video, instagram posts, facebook and blog posts linking back to some of your own blogs!

road test sunglasses

#Road Test: How Does it Work?

Look out for posts on our Facebook page!  We’ll let you know each time we’re running a Road Test and which state we’re running it in! Then all you have to do is let us know under the relevant post if you’d like to be included.  We’ll also invite Revolutionaries who’ve been voted style and fashion favourites to join us, along with those of you who have commented, liked us or have contributed in some other way. We probably won’t tell you what kind of product it is, that’s all part of the surprise because we really want to get your honest reaction. We might need to get your sizes or let you know whether it’s a product for males or females. But we don’t reveal the new product itself until you turn up to the Road Test! And that’s all part of the fun and excitement!

Road Test mens accessories

#Road Test: What’s in it for Me?

Plenty!  First of all there’ll be heaps of fun with at least your favourite cocktail thrown in for good measure* (*depending on time of day). You’ll be trying out the new product in the company of other Revolutionaries, fashionistas or bloggers. You wont be required to learn lines or say or do anything you don’t want to. This is all unscripted.  It’s a really genuine, authentic and fun Road Test to get your honest opinions.  We’ll definitely look after you, but we can’t share any more details ATM without giving it all away.

road test

#Road Test: How do I get involved?

If you haven’t already subscribed by filling in your deets on our Home page (where it says Want to be featured in Cocktail Revolution?), you need to do so. That way we’ll already have you on file and you may even receive a private invitation to take part! Not all Road Tests will be by public invitation!  Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard from us about participating, keep a regular eye on our Facebook page for more announcements!

road test fringed bags

#Road Test: What’s the Next Step!

Make sure you’ve liked and are following us on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.  You need to be a subscriber too, as we said.  We’ll be releasing the first of our Road Tests this week.  We can hardly wait. Then we’re sure you’ll get the idea, in case you haven’t already.  When you see a Road Test posted on Facebook, make sure you name or tag yourself and a friend and let us know what state you’re in! Then leave it to us…we’ll be in touch if you’ve been selected!

road test mens ties

We’d love you to join us for fun afternoons checking out the latest!!! Meanwhile, look out for our first Road Test coming out soon!

Road Test


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