Road Test: 10 Way Necklace


Road Test: 10 Way Necklace

We invited four Cocktail Revolutionaries to Road Test the 10 Way Necklace. We’d previously spotted the 10 Way Necklace on Channel 10’s  Shark Tank when the little dynamo behind it, Maria Nicola, won herself a deal with Naomi Simson of Red Balloon.

But our fashionistas had not. Turns out they’d neither seen it nor heard of it before. They were given no clues, no hints and didn’t even know what kind of product they’d be road testing. We had no idea how they might react, and even less of an idea of what to expect.  Luckily videographer Matt kept the camera rolling as our fashionistas got their first look at the 10 Way Necklace.

So, meet Jacqui, Chloe, Raneil and Lisa. Cocktail Revolutionaries, bloggers and the fashionistas behind some of our favourite insta accounts.  And this is what they thought of the 10 Way Necklace in our latest Road Test. #unpaid #notanadvertisement

Now you’ve seen their reactions, we couldn’t let this post go without sharing this one too! #genuine #unrehearsed

We had soooooo much fun! Make sure you watch out for our next call-out for a Road Test!


Road Test: 10 Way Necklace


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