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ERIK-YVON – Revolutionary of the Month

Erik Yvon 2020
Sustainable, Original & Defiant

For Erik Yvon, sustainability is essential and originality is a given. His self named label ERIK-YVON is known for its colour and creativity. The label combines genderless silhouettes and luxe quality with a street aesthetic, bringing a unique imprint to Australian fashion. Erik’s latest range is, in the designer’s own words “defiant, courageous and daring”.

From the new collection by Erik-Yvon
New Erik-Yvon Collection

Entitled NATEY, the new collection is a collaboration with visual artist and designer Nathalia Suizu. “It is an exploration of culture and self-discovery. NATEY is a conversation of a vibrant pop art world. Our modern take on luxurious street wear is accentuated with refined fabrics, heightened with bold graphics and textiles. Richly saturated in colours, NATEY is a vibrant collection celebrating life!”

Locally Made

Entirely produced in Melbourne, ERIK-YVON is totally committed to working with and strengthening the local industry. “We have an ethos of Community, which means we endeavour to engage and support local businesses.” Think illustrators, print makers and the Social Studio, a community organisation that engages young refugees in garment making.

From the new collection by Erik-Yvon

“We recognise that the landscape of fashion is evolving and it is not enough to simply create aesthetically beautiful pieces of clothing.  That is why we value craftsmanship. We, our collaborators and contractors are dedicated to ensuring our pieces are high quality,  long lasting and timeless. All this limits waste in the long-term.”

Ethical, Transparent & Sustainable

Known for its strong ethical manufacturing and transparent processes, Erik has worked hard to ensure the label’s absolute commitment to sustainability.

Every garment is produced in-house.  So there’s no need to create multiple samples and prototypes or to ship samples back and forth to an overseas manufacturer. Dead stock fabrics are regularly incorporated into Erik’s collections. Designing solutions to waste is key.

From the new collection by Erik-Yvon

Says Erik: “We are mindful of our carbon footprint and keeping our production simple. Suppliers and manufacturers processes are tracked and overseen to ensure that their work practices are compliant with our values.

We are working towards adopting a Triple Bottom Line framework of People, Planet, Earth.  We are striving to develop an industry standard that values human welfare and the health of our ecosystem by reconnecting the designer, maker and wearer.”

From the new collection by Erik-Yvon

There’s a lot at stake and there’s a lot to be done. Erik is the first to say that his job is never finished. “I always need to find a way of making things better and to improve collection after collection.  There’s a challenge in the expectation of always having something new coming out as soon as you have created a new collection.”

From the new collection by Erik-Yvon

The best part?  “To have a voice and to be able express yourself and to see your creation come to life.”

Shop ERIK-YVON at 270 Collin St, Store 102 St Collins Lane, Melbourne, where Erik himself can usually be found on Mondays.

Instagram: ERIK-YVON   




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