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Recycled Materials in New Fashion Collection

Fashion Out of Recycled Materials

Creative force Samantha Gorczyca, aka Samek has recently launched her groundbreaking sustainable fashion collection at A Dawn Immersive Runway Experience in Melbourne.

Samek, 27, is an emerging independent designer known for her unique creations tailored to artists within the music and performance art industry. A self-taught designer, she uses her skills to unlock the potential of materials otherwise headed for landfill to encourage self-expression without limits. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Samek works with existing recycled, deadstock, and slow-sourced materials to craft one-of-a-kind, intention-driven pieces that align with the resources available.

Runways of recycled materials

A Dawn Immersive Runway Experience was a celebration of Samek’s creative evolution over the last three years, featuring an array of bespoke pieces crafted from recycled materials. Each piece showcased her commitment to sustainability and creative expression, capturing the essence of her vision for intentional adornment. 

“Everything we need already exists, it’s here waiting for us.”

– Samek

In the words of Samek herself, “Everything we need already exists, it’s here, waiting for us. It’s merely a matter of patience and awareness to align with it.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the designer’s mission to create fashion that serves as a true reflection of one’s inner self.

Recycled Materials runway

The runway was MC’d by Jarrah Volpe and began with a guided meditation and acknowledgement of country by Andjela Djakovic, who invited attendees to close their eyes and remember the previous generations who lived on the land they were gathered on.

As the lights dimmed, an electrifying soundtrack arose, composed by Luke Vecchio to masterfully combine nature sounds and rhythmic beats.

Recycled Materials in fashion

The runway was opened by a model in a transformative, green and black look made from salvaged vintage car upholstery leather, who moved down the stage with intentional dancelike movements. This was followed by Samek’s Mum modeling a Zebra print floor length coat and matching black jumpsuit. After that, Samek’s entire collection was shown – a bold array of pieces that veered far from garments we might traditionally picture as sustainable. 

Recycled Design

Highlights included a red coat with intricate metal detailing made from recycled lanyards. Worn by a topless male model, the outfit featured a matching red cowboy hat, blue and white halterneck top and trousers made from a recycled curtain, and a long sleeve purple sequin jumpsuit with zip down front. Each model commanded the runway in their own way – through dance, movement, and interacting with the crowd.

Samantha Gorczyca

The runway was closed by Samek herself, wearing a futuristic 3-piece white and ensemble with blue trim and silver buckle details.

The collection invited guests to reconsider the power of clothing as an extension of one’s raw essence rather than a mask or blending tool.

Samek's Mum

The event dress code? Be brave. 

Samek’s debut exhibition was a harmonious blend of music, community, and art.

Guests in the space were able to create their own Samek branded tote bag using supplied dead stock fabric and materials at the screen printing “Materialisation Station.” 

First Nations Fashion Design

A Dawn Immersive Runway Experience marks a new era in sustainable fashion, driven by Samek’s unwavering passion for intentionality, self-expression and respect for the environment.

When asked about her plans following the runway, Samek replied, “Tomorrow I’ll wake up and see what opportunities the universe presents me with, and be ready to work to make them happen.”

See more at Samek’s Instagram

Photos: Rory Guyer

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