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Quality Australian Sleepwear to Dream About

Australian Sleepwear Brand Thea Australia

We spoke to the owner of Australian sleepwear brand Thea Australia about the what, why and how she got into the business of supplying luxe quality plus size cotton nighties. Read on to learn more about this amazing ethical brand that you’ve probably not yet heard of!

Looking for a quality Australian sleepwear brand that ticks all your ethical and sustainable boxes? Look no further than Thea Australia, an online range of nighties and men’s sleepwear that will see you sleep easy at night. We spoke to brand owner, Deena Hasnie, about how and why she started the brand.


What were you doing before you got into fashion?

I am a professional engineer and had worked for a few social causes overseas before starting Thea Australia.

How long have you been running Thea and how did you come to be involved?

Thea Nightwear started in 1988 by Marie de la Soudière, an expat living in Manila, to train vulnerable women there to become seamstresses and provide a sustainable livelihood for them. I was living in Manila and found the brand at an expat bazar. I visited the production facility and saw some amazing, dedicated and hard working women producing these impeccable pieces, using old-style Singer sewing machines. Everything is done by hand: pattern cutting, sewing, washing ironing and packaging.

I asked Marie if I could sell them in Australia as I couldn’t find any cotton nightwear as good as Thea and I wear only cotton. She agreed and my journey with Thea Australia began here through an online shop.

Australian Sleepwear brand Thea

What are Thea’s pillars?

Empowering vulnerable women. Exceptional quality standards. Environmental and social responsibility.

Can you tell us more about Thea’s ethical treatment of workers?

Thea stands fro Thread of Hope for Economic Advancement, serving vulnerable communities in Manila through the Thea Foundation. Marie saw how poor women live in shanties and struggle to survive. She thought about empowering them through a skillset that would offer them pride, not just a job. She trained them in design cutting and sewing and provided a crèche for their children.

Thea has 20 employees, including a few of the original workers. They have employment contracts, get paid on time, receive superannuation, health insurance, sick leave and annual leave. While some have retired, many of the children of the original team are now seamstresses themselves. They love their work, which allows them to look after their children and elderly parents while working from home. Their incomes ensure a roof over their heads, and that of the next generation, while they receive health care and education. None of the original team ever went back to live in shanties.

All profits go into the Thea Foundation, which provides the staff benefits.

Thea is a size inclusive Australian sleepwear brand. Tell us more!

When I started selling Thea nighties in Australia, I started getting calls from people who would ask, “Do you have size 4XL, 5XL?” At that time we only went up to size XXL and most would say “It’s just not possible to get good quality plus size cotton nighties here. I wish you could make them.”

Cotton Australian sleepwear

So, thinking that there is a gap here for plus size nighties, I asked Marie if she would consider making sizes 3XL to 5XL. She agreed without hesitation.That was 2017. And by 2018, I started offering plus size nighties up to 6XL. I have only received amazing reviews from the customers.

Thea offers affordable yet luxe fabrics and finishes. Tell us more.

Because cotton fabrics are breathable, wearing cotton sleepwear in bed makes our bodies sweat free and refreshed through the night, all year round. They are gentle on the skin, unlike synthetic materials which stick to the skin and can cause allergies. Cotton garments are also durable. Importantly, Thea nighties will not lose their lustre, no matter how many times they are washed.

It is sad to say this, but I also sell a lot to sick people who want to wear something soft and comfortable after their surgeries or while they’re in hospital. They tell me, “I need to wear something that will not only be comfortable, I need to look good in front of the doctors and nurses.”


The business is online. How can customers be sure to get the right fit?

I work hard to understand customers’ sizes. After I receive an order, I get in touch with the customer and ask their measurements. I figure out what to send them and keep a recford for future orders to make it easy for them. So we have an extremely high success rate for fit.

What do you find most rewarding about the business? What gives you the most satisfaction?

I receive feedback from customers saying things like “I have never worn anything so beautiful”, or “These are the best quality cotton nighties I have ever seen”, or “I have never received such good service from an online business”. It’s incredibly rewarding and keeps me motivated.

See Thea’s quality for yourself at Thea Australia.

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