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Perfect Autumnal Nail Art Trends to Try This Season

Pink nail art on a black band with tortiseshell side edge

A change in season calls for a change in chromatic inspiration. If you’re ready to ditch you classic go-to nail shade in favour of something more playful, consider these autumn inspired nail art ideas.

Mocha, Orange & Cream


If a colour scheme sounds more like a warm beverage, it’s officially autumn appropriate.  

Mushroom Nails


From zero to ‘yes, I’m actually committing to this look until my next salon appointment,’ how excited are you for fungi foraging season?

Forest Green


If you’re only into single colours but don’t want your go-to red or nude, try an earthy shade of green instead. Give the look some glamour with a glossy finish.

Rutilated Quartz Art


Make like you’re cleansing your aura, warding off negative energy and embracing the season all at once with a warm-toned rutilated quartz inspired nail look. 

Autumn Meets #Cottagecore


Worldwide lockdowns gave rise to the internet aesthetic Cottagecore, which embraces a romanticised view of slow living and rural life. The trend happens to suit this season perfectly well, so why not rock it on your nails? 

Mix & Match With Autumnal Palette


Mix and match your designs – animal print, floral, striped. No need to stick to a single design here to keep to an autumnal vibe, just keep to a limited colour palette and you can’t go wrong. 

Basic Autumnal Palette


Not quite ready for a foray into intricate nail art territory, but sick of playing it safe? Achieve an elevated look the easy way by keeping to an autumnal colour palette and alternating colours on each hand. 

Tortoiseshell Nails


A nail trend to match your eyewear, the tortoiseshell look seems perfect for autumn. Warm and playful without feeling OTT, this trend will pair well with just about any outfit too. 

Butter Yellow Nails


Perfect for when you’re missing the summer sun on those chillier autumn days. Butter yellow nails will brighten your day without screaming “I’m totally in denial about the temperature dropping”. 

Sunset Ombre


For when you kinda just want to stick to classic red, but then you remember you’re trying to expand your style horizons.

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