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Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe This Season

Are you always running late and frequently looking a few extra minutes most mornings? Here’s a way to cut down on time spent getting organised and still look put-together.  You can shave time off your schedule by having a clean and uncluttered wardrobe. Womens fashion items are not difficult to organise if you follow a few key principles.  Here are a few simple steps to apply to help get sorted and save time when you need it most.

Put Your Summer Stuff into Hibernation

Summer is officially long gone. Say goodbye to hot days and your summer wardrobe too. Winter means big coats and cosy sweaters, not short-shorts and tank tops. Save room in your closet by packing away your floaty dresses and linen skirts until spring comes around. But remember to leave some camis and t-shirts for layering.

well organised winter knits

Remember When

Admit it, there are womens fashion pieces in your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day for years. There’s always the reasoning that they might come in handy for a future dress-up party. When sorting out your clothes, be harsh and think about the last time you wore it. If you cant remember the last time you wore it, then you don’t need it. Donate your pre-loved clothes to a charity, sell them online or give them to your friends.

a well organised wardrobe

Choose Your Section Headings

Like that kid in school who colour coordinated all their highlighters, pens and notebooks, being organised is cool. For your wardrobe, sectioning your different womens fashion items is an easy way to start implementing some rules. Once you have your bottoms, tops, jumpers and outerwear separated, you can further organise them into more categories. Each womens fashion section can be arranged by colour, material and/or how often you wear it.

Womens fashion organised neatly inside wardrobe

 Live without That Chair

We all know “that chair” that has a mountain of clothes dumped on top of it. It’s easy to resort to messy piles but after a while, it just doesn’t work. Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book. Her folding method involves folding laundry into neat little rectangles. Not only is it tidy, it also makes it easy to see each of your pieces of  womens fashion. If you have a stand-alone clothing rack, pop your big winter coats on it. You can also hang your most frequently worn winter gear on it too. It’ll save you time scrounging around for your everyday black jeans and white shirt.

Neatly organised wardrobe

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