Nickitar Omondi – March’s Top-Voted Models Don’t Do Pretty


“I’m not sure I have a specific definition for my personal style…but I’m passionate about impeccable sense of style and I want that to reflect in the way I dress.” says Nickitar Omondi, top-voted style favourite for March.

Twenty-five year old Nickitar arrived in Australia two years ago from Kenya to take up studies in marketing. While here, she’s also been developing and designing a range of light weight luxe coats. We’d snapped  Nickitar around the streets of Adelaide for our weekly street style gallery more than once, and it was Nickitar’s second snap that topped your vote.

A great fit for new label Don’t Do Pretty, the creatives behind the Adelaide-based label, Eloise Houseman and  Rebel Freeman wanted Nickitar to choose her own outfits for the model shoot.  It was important for them that Nickitar liked what she was wearing and felt comfortable modelling them.

Photographed by Dimitra Koriozos out front of hip underground venue Published Art House in Adelaide’s west, Nickitar owned the streets in her outfit choices and went home with a very stylish Aboriginal print narrow leg pant, courtesy of the designers.

“I did not anticipate a win but I can say I’m very excited about my shoot. Thank you so much to everyone involved.”Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty1Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty9Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty7Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty13Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty4 Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty14Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty18Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty6Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty21Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty34Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty24 Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty26 Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty27 Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty33Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty29Nickitar_modelling_Dont_Do_Pretty31

Look 1: Aboriginal Print

Halter Neck Top: The New Syndicate

Wide Leg Pant: Santa Teresa

Bomber Jacket: Lets Get Carried Away

Look 2 : Leather

Leather Bustier: Diana Prince

Pencil Skirt: Kill Them With Confidence

Sleeveless Jacket: Ain’t Nobodys Business

Look 3 : Metallics

Silver Tee: Unleash The Lion

Silk Shorts: End Up Somewhere in Mexico

Look 4: Silver Top & Black Maxi

Maxi Skirt: Dressed to Impress

Halter Top: The New Syndicate Silver Leather



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