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#New York Fashion Week

Kirstey Whicker was in New York to see the opening show  of  New York Fashion Week featuring 20 Aussie Designers.  Here Kirstey explains how Fashion Week has evolved and how the Aussies were received.

New York Fashion Week is an ultra-glam fashion extravaganza which has been held since its initial creation in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert, the press director of the American Fashion Industry’s first promotional organisation, the New York Dress Institute.

The first “Fashion Week” in the World, the aim of NYFW (then called “Press Week”) was to take the attention away from Parisian Couture during World War II, when many of the fashion insiders could not travel to Paris for the big shows. It was also aiming at coaxing fashion journalists to focus on what was being presented by American designers, who felt they were being neglected.

So in 2016, it has expanded even more, with the inclusion of 20 of Australia’s top and up and coming designers including Stephanie Chehade, Cristahlea, homebodii, Sui Generis and Milanja to showcase their designs on the catwalks for the fifth season. This fabulous opportunity allows Aussie fashion darlings to share the week with the likes of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Tom Ford, Vera Wang and Rachel Zoe to name a few.

This has been put together by “Fashion Palette”, an Australian fashion agency which helps designers by including them on this international platform, so that they can network and showcase their designs to industry media, buyers and professionals.

The Aussies had to make a major impact, because they were opening this year’s NYFW! -And DID they make an impact?! The who’s-who of fashion (and me!) were sitting in Pier 59 Studios in the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan and were absolutely blown away with fabulous gowns, caftans and swimwear in magnificently bright colours and showstopping, sleek white pieces. This was the perfect platform to show the world that they cannot ignore Australian fashion.

The crowd seemed to love what they saw, as there was something for everyone. From pieces to suit glamorous cocktail parties, formal lunches, to fun summer events, whatever style you feel most confident in, it was here!

Here’s a snapshot, thanks to Fashion Palette:

Deborah Sellek on the runway at New York Fashion Week

Deborah Selleck

Duskii on the runway New York Fashion Week

Bec and Bridge

Tatiana Light

Tatiana Light

Eder & Berk

Eder & Berk

Hunt and Heart ont he Way at New York Fashion Week

Hunt and Heart

Hunt and Heart

Hunt and Heart

Duskii at New York Fashion Week


Kirstey Whicker


– Kirstey Whicker

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