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New Willow Bay Art Collection

Hand Painted by Indigenous Artist Lauren Rogers

Slow-fashion brand Willow Bay Australia has just dropped an exclusive collection in collaboration with contemporary Indigenous Artist Lauren Rogers. The exclusive range includes a series of 12 unique bags hand-painted by Lauren, showcasing the seamless fusion of art, culture and fashion. Absolute originals, you won’t see any screen-printing or mass productions and this unique approach will have you carrying a piece of original artwork wherever you go.

Queensland based Lauren has had her work featured in exhibitions and galleries throughout Australia where her art has been celebrated for its ability to capture the spirit and essence of Indigenous culture. With an eye for detail and a passion for colour, Lauren’s art is vibrant and powerful. Her bold, bright colours and intricate patterns create a sense of energy and movement, while her organic line work reflects the natural world and the interconnection of all things.

Lauren Rogers art on  Willow Bay Australia

The new Art Gallery Collection offering by Willow Bay Australia is affectionately coined as “wearable art.” The concept aims to showcase a micro-collection of hand-painted neoprene Willow Bay tote bags by a talented local artist. Willow Bay’s founders, Tammy Bishop and Hayley Norman, have embraced the versatility of their neoprene bags as the perfect blank canvas for artists to express their unique artistic styles.

The release has coincided with NAIDOC week, inspiring Lauren, a descendant of the Ngarabal people in the New England Highlands and the Torres Strait Islands, to reflect on this year’s NAIDOC theme For Our Elders. “I translated stories of community, culture, and Country onto the bags through vibrant colours, dot and line work, and iconography. The important message across all the bags is the message of connecting to culture – for us, these connections are central to our identity and way of life, and I tried to represent this in my art,” says Lauren.

Willow Bay Art Collection - Lauren Rogers Art

“NAIDOC week is a wonderful way of acknowledging and celebrating the history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To be able to bring our bags to life with Lauren’s incredible art is the perfect collaboration to showcase the beauty and talent behind Aboriginal art,” said Tammy Bishop, one of Willow Bay Australia’s founders.

Co-founder Hayley Norman stated: “With our wearable artwork we give each artist creative freedom. We don’t give the artists a brief of any expectations on what we would like to see, we like each artist to be able to express themselves in their art without any restrictions. This brings out the best work in every one of our artists and enables each bag to really tell a story.” ­­

Lauren Rogers Indigenous Art on Willow Bay Australia

The Art Gallery Collection has already garnered significant attention from customers, with previous collaborations by Willow Bay’s inaugural artist, Hayley Pearson, consistently selling out. The distinctive nature of the collection, coupled with the allure of owning an original piece of art, has captivated fashionistas and art enthusiasts alike.

As a Contemporary Indigenous Artist, Lauren is a voice for change, using her art to celebrate her culture, educate others, and inspire future generations. Lauren shares, ” Each bag is a canvas that tells a story of its own, with vibrant colours and intricate patterns that bring to life the unique artistry of First Nations culture. But more than just a pretty design, they hold deep meaning and significance, with each pattern and symbol representing a connection to the land, my ancestors, and the spiritual realm.”

Aboriginal Clothing Brands

Each bag in the Art Gallery Collection is truly a one-of-a-kind piece and comes with a certificate of authenticity to validate its originality. As an added touch, Willow Bay offers free gift wrapping for a truly special unboxing experience.

The Willow Bay x Lauren Rogers Art Gallery Collection ranges between $179.95 AUD – $279.95 AUD and is set to redefine the boundaries of art and fashion. To shop the exclusive collection now visit Willow Bay Australia. You’ll have to be VERY quick!

All images: Lauren Rogers

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