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Myer Centre Style Challenge

Loving style challenges the way we do, we put out a shout-out on Facebook for three brave followers to take part in a “style challenge”.  That’s all they knew! What they didn’t know before they put up their hands, was how this would work and which fashion business and brands would be involved.  How’s that for courage?

So, when Trang Nguyen, Silvana Weyerhaurser-Maher and Tamara Davis turned up at the agreed time in a city laneway in Adelaide, they still had almost no idea of what they would have to do.  It needn’t have mattered. All three fashionistas had a keen and very individual sense of style.

Their challenge? To select an outfit of their choice from one or both of their allocated  fashion boutiques in the Myer Centre with the theme: Autumn- from work to play. THEN have their style pitted against the Myer Centre’s own stylist Filip Odzak who would also choose outfits for them from the same boutiques!

Our Revolutionaries did so well, they were rewarded with a $100 gift card from the Myer Centre, which one or two of them immediately spent purchasing some of the outfits they’d just modeled. But we’re not saying who. On top of that, they’d done so well that  Filip decided to style them from different boutiques altogether in looks that they wouldn’t ordinarily have chosen for themselves, but with results that they loved!

Trang Nguyen

I love comfy styles that can look good for a busy lifestyle and classy at the same time.  Filip showed me more styles than I’d worn before and I just fell in love with  them. The clothes he chose had more details and were more colourful. At the same time I felt very comfortable wearing them

Myer Centre Style Challenge
Trang Nguyen, self-styled in outfit from Ally Fashion, Myer Centre
Myer Centre Style Challenge
Trang Nguyen, styled entirely in TEMT by Myer Centre Stylist Filip Odzak

Silvana Weyerhauser-Maher

What a fun day! The look I chose is based on a classic, Victorian style with a modern twist. Filip encapsulated my style perfectly and I felt my personality came through in both outfits.

Myer Centre Style Challenge
Silvana Weyerhauser-Maher self styled in Review, Myer Centre
Myer Centre Style Challenge
Silvana, styled by Filip entirely in Jacqui E,  with bag from Shoe Shed

Tamara Davis

The outfit I chose was a style I like. I incorporated a belt to give me a waist line. The length of the dress made me look in proportion. Not too long or too short. The vest jazzed the outfit up a little.

Myer Centre Style Challenge
Tamara Davis, self-styled in My Size, sunnies & belt from Ally Fashion, all at the Myer Centre
Myer Centre Style Challenge
Tamara, styled by Myer centre Stylist Filip in TS14+

The last words go to Filip:
“As we cross trans-season from Summer into Autumn we play with a mixture of our Summer pastels mixed with Autumn prints and tones. It’s pretty and femme, mixed with some chunkier assets. Just remember, always have fun with your fashion and feel good!”

To check out what all the stores in the Myer Centre are up to, take a look here on  instagram.










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