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Mens Styling with Bespoke Tailoring

Redefining Bespoke Tailoring

The three-piece bespoke suit, bespoke Italian shoes, cravat and pocket hank – who would think that these items would belong to a fashion forward twenty or thirty-something? Millennials are keen to be seen in bespoke suits. When it comes to fashion for today’s modern man, traditional tailoring with a nod to years past is having a massive moment.

With every culture, comes a counter culture. Street wear and sports apparel have dominated. But parallel to these is a huge movement to tailored men’s clothing. Bespoke suiting is the new punk and the ultimate form of fashion expression and not just for the groom at his wedding.

Bespoke tailoring from Instagram
Bespoke tailoring – not just for men! @madeleinemei

We’re seeing more and more double breasted suits with a handkerchief in the breast pocket on Instagram these days.  With so much manufacturing being sent off shore, many are shifting to bespoke tailoring – individually designed from scratch – for those big occasions. It ensures both quality and transparency.

How else to ensure a luxury fit that looks perfect? “A bespoke suit breathes, has impeccable structure and fits in a way like no other garment will” says John Tellis from Germanicos Bespoke Tailors. “It’s an investment that will last 10 years.”

The modern groom in bespoke tailoring

Men’s styling is seeing luxury brands paired with tailored garments and contemporary accessories. Think sleek navy suit paired with crisp white sneakers.  Or a  loud sports jacket teamed with distressed denim and chunky Doc Martins.

Bespoke tailors are keeping on top of the trends. So much so that they are now making sneakers, jeans, sports jackets and accessories. This new wave of bespoke tailoring is seeing many of the old rules being embraced and broken at the same time.  Instagram is full of these new fashion and bespoke tailoring nuances.

bespoke tailoring on instagram

Suits are still seen as timeless. Fabrics might be flashier, cuts may be boxier, but an immaculate cut will speak volumes about the wearer. With so many turning away from mass consumption, there’s a big shift to the quality and craftsmanship of bespoke tailoring.

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