Monday, September 26, 2022

The Melbourne Cup Fashion Scene

Some Celebrities & Fashionistas can “No Longer Attend”

A few high profile guests have pulled out of appearing as part of the Melbourne Cup fashion scene this year…

First, they accepted their invitations.  Then, following the ABC’s exposé on the cruel treatment of “retired” racehorses, Taylor Swift and Lana Condor suddenly had “scheduling issues”. They could no longer attend this year’s Melbourne Cup.

Aussie super-model Megan Gale, a brand ambassador for Melbourne Cup sponsor Lexus, has also pulled the plug. As has at least one fashion designer.

Anthony Callea, is booked to sing at the Cup. He plans on fulfilling his contract but posted on Instagram that his entire earnings from the gig will be donated to the welfare of race horses.

The ABC’s exposé, along with a string of horse deaths during or as a result of the Melbourne Cup has definitely taken the shine off the industry once dubbed “The Sport of Kings.

Horse-racing and what happens after the horses have been “retired”, a cute word for what really happens to them when they finish racing, is now a huge issue.

Instagram is currently awash with Aussie influencers posting their outfits for the big days of the Spring Racing Carnival.  Only a few followers have been confronting them about their promotion of horse-racing.  For the rest, it’s all about the outfits.

The Melbourne Cup fashion scene is as big a spectacle as the race itself.  With fashion inextricably linked to the horse racing industry, the jury is out on how long this can continue unless the ‘sport’ is cleaned up.

Tap on the link to see more ways to have Fashion Fun without the Cruelty on Melbourne Cup Day.

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