Meet the Stylist – Zena Najjar


Fashion stylist Zena Najjar knew exactly that’s what she wanted to do before she even finished her course at Uni. We chatted with the Adelaide-based stylist to find out how she got her start and loads more…

Describe your work.

I’m a Freelance Fashion Stylist. My work is about styling outfits for photo shoots and campaigns for fashion and accessories brands,  modelling agencies, and individuals for their personal style. For example, I have styled campaigns for Mazzuchelli’s Jeweller as well as the outfits for various hair competitions such as Hair Expo and the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. I also work styling looks backstage for runways and have also dipped into a little bit of celebrity styling.

Hair styling by Zena

Photographer: Haley Renee   MUA: Samantha Vlassis   Hair: Phillip Dipalo   Stylist: Zena Najjar

How did you get started?

Having known I had always known I wanted to be in fashion, I actually began styling in 2015. While studying Business Management at Uni, I was also working at a Hairdressing salon in an admin role. The staff there entered lots of competitions. So I began my career styling their looks for their competitions. From there I went on to do a lot of work experience at fashion festivals, for the paper and with freelancers. This is where I learnt a lot about styling and the industry. I launched my Freelance Business in 2017 and it took off from there.

Hair stylien by Zena Najjar

Photographer: Haley Renee   MUA: Samantha Vlassis   Hair: Phillip Dipalo   Stylist: Zena Najjar

What’s the most challenging part of being a stylist?

The fashion industry is big, but also small at the same time. It’s a fast paced industry and there can be a lot happening around you. You need to stay on the ball, stay true to yourself and your brand. You have to stay passionate, remember why you are doing it and your potential. It’s important to stay real in all of the craziness!

Zena's styling for Hair competitions

Photographer: Haley Renee   MUA: Samantha Vlassis   Hair: Phillip Dipalo   Stylist: Zena Najjar

Best part?

You get to travel,  meet and work with such amazing people. You get to work in a team with make-up artists, photographers, hairdressers who are super talented and share something in common with you.

Getting super creative! It’s my way of expressing.

For personal styling, the best part is the feeling of making someone feel more positive and comfortable in their own skin, along with teaching  them. That’s  super rewarding.

Styling Teresa Palmer

Styling Teresa Palmer

Most versatile accessory you’d recommend to other stylists?

A good belt. A belt is super versatile and can really change a look, whether you are belting a dress, blazer or coat around the waist, tying it, wrapping it, or using it on pants, it can create a few looks, and tidy an sharpen a look.

Editorial fashion shoot

Model: Georgia Bess  Photographer: Nikola Dukic  MUA: Dana Abimosleh  Stylist: Zena Najjar

Best advice you’ve ever received?

You can never stop learning. Stay open minded, work hard and stay passionate. Know your purpose, passion & stay real!

Prized item in your own wardrobe?

My Louis Vuitton handbag. It’s the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Fashion editorial styling

Model: Chloe Vis, Pride Models  Photographer: Carolyn Do  MUA: Georgia Edgar  Hair: Janelle Zara  Stylist:  Zena Najjar 

Career highlight?

One of my career highlights to date, is having the opportunity to style Adelaide’s Girl Band ‘G-Nation’ at their ARIA AWARDS debut in Sydney 2019. Working with the girls was so much fun. Their energy was so good to be around. The rush was super exciting. I had 48 hours to pull 6 looks together and send them off to Sydney. It was an exciting rush and the best experience. Definitely something I am looking forward to doing again! I love being behind the scenes and working with a great crew!

styling by Zena for the Aria Awards

Styling of G-Nation for the 2019 Arias

Point at which you almost gave up?

Although there have been stressful times, I have never gotten to the point of wanting to give up. I’ve always been the type to work hard and see the bigger picture, so I know that pushing through is possible. No matter how stressful, everything always works out. Styling is also my passion and is a part of my personality and everyday life, so I could never really give it up.

Styling by Zena Najjar

Model: Chloe Vis, Pride Models  Photographer: Carolyn Do  MUA: Georgia Edgar  Hair: Janelle Zara  Stylist:  Zena Najjar

Styling by Zena

Model: Chloe Vis, Pride Models  Photographer: Carolyn Do  MUA: Georgia Edgar  Hair: Janelle Zara  Stylist:  Zena Najjar

Your own style in 3 words?

Cool, edgy, chic.Zena's personal styleZena Najja's personal style

How have you been spending your time during lockdown?

I’ve been working on my business. I’ve done a little re-brand and I am also doing some exciting things, which I can’t say too much but are coming soon – so watch this space!

What’s the first thing you’re going to do after lockdown?

I am looking forward to getting back into photo shoots. I will probably go out for brunch with my friends and family! Definitely go shopping and travel!

After that?

The next step for me would be traveling and experiencing the fashion industry around the world. My next goal is to travel to America and work as a stylist on a larger scale, in the entertainment/fashion industry. Especially in LA and New York. I would love to also do some work in Melbourne as I have always loved it and it’s a great place for fashion!

Zena's personal style

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Images of Zena by Jessica Mary Photography.


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