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Meet the Stylist: Jacqueline Miholos

Jacqueline Miholos is an Adelaide based stylist and graduate of the  Australian Style Institute. Having worked behind the scenes styling with Cocktail Revolution, Jacqui’s client list includes big name brand Forever New, through to styling for local boutiques, individuals and emerging fashion labels.

Why Styling?

I’ve always loved fashion. As a young girl I remember flipping through magazines, sewing fabrics together with my grandma and watching runways shows on FTV with my mum on Saturday mornings. I channelled my love of fashion into fashion blogging while I was at University as I enjoyed sharing my personal style. But I never really thought I would be able to work in the business of fashion. To be honest it kind of just happened. A lot of my friends (males as well as females) and family asked me to help style them and I remember thinking at one point, maybe I should do this as a career since I love it so much.

Styling work by Jacqueline MiholosHow did you go about getting into the business?

When I first decided I wanted to be a stylist, I began searching for a course or program where I could develop my skills as I love education. I found the Australian Style Institute (ASI), spoke to a few other stylists who had already studied there and was really keen to learn more. At ASI I studied a Certificate of Professional Styling and Image. After finishing the course, I realised my passion is for styling photo shoots, so I then completed an Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling.  The courses and working in the industry, as a stylist and at Cocktail Revolution, really helped to build my confidence in my abilities.

What’s been the hardest part about working as a Stylist?

When I first started styling, it was difficult to borrow clothing and accessories from designers and boutiques for editorial photo shoots as I didn’t know many people in the industry and I didn’t have a portfolio to show. I’m lucky to have met and collaborated with many creatives now and I view relationships as the most important aspect of my career. It’s still sometimes difficult to have access to the clothing I would love to style, however I’m working on building my skills and my contacts in the industry.

Styling work by Jacqueline MiholosWho’s your style icon? Who’s your favourite Stylist?

My style icon is Audrey Hepburn. I have always admired her classic, timeless and iconic style as well as her humanitarian work and career as an actress. My favourite local stylist at the moment is Liv Rahme and international stylist is Sally Lyndley.

Describe your style in three words.

My personal style is elegant, classic and refined. When it comes to styling others and photo shoots, I love to experiment!

styled by Jacqueline Miholos

What’s the best advice you would give to someone else who wants to get started in Styling?

My advice is to immerse yourself in the industry, meet fellow creatives, designers and boutique owners and gain as much experience as you can. Also, patience is really important when starting out as a stylist, and I’m sure in any other creative field. It takes time to build a portfolio and a good reputation in the industry. Always keep learning and be sure to level up.

Stylist Jacqueline Miholos
Image: Wade Whitington

Is there a most prized item in your wardrobe?

My most prized item would have to be my Chanel Boy Bag. I was lucky enough to visit the Chanel flagship store in Paris on a trip overseas a few years ago. The experience in the store and in Paris was incredible.

Highlight of your Styling career so far?

As a stylist I do personal, editorial, runway and commercial styling. However I would say my most exciting highlight would be getting the entirety of my first editorial published in an American fashion magazine. We had 20 pages which was unreal. Since then, getting to work with so many talented and kind individuals on a weekly basis is a highlight for me.

Styling work by Jacqueline MiholosWhat advice would you give to someone who’s not sure about their own style?

To me, the most important thing about style is that your outfit must make you feel great and confident. I do like trends. However, I think it’s really important to invest in quality pieces which will contribute to your capsule wardrobe and are items that you will cherish and wear for years. Those items could be trend based items which will transcend seasons for you as they fit in with your style and/or classic pieces which are versatile and will always be stylish.

What’s next?

I really love styling photo shoots and would love to work more in the commercial side of the industry. My intention is to keep building my portfolio and reaching out to boutiques and designers. I’ve also started sharing more styling tips on my blog and YouTube channel, getting back to my blogging roots.

Jacqueline Miholos Adelaide Stylist

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