Meet Olga Millar: February Favourite 2016


Meet Olga Millar, February Favourite 2016

Olga Millar was on holiday from the Gold Coast when she was spotted by photographer Alice Sciberras in Pitts St, Sydney in February. That would explain her colourful, quirky and definitely eye catching look on the day she was snapped. -Definitely not what we’d expected to see as a “typical” or stereotypical accountant’s style.

Olga Millar: snapped on holiday in Sydney by our photographer Alice Sciberras

Olga Millar: snapped on holiday in Sydney by our photographer Alice Sciberras

On the day, Olga was wearing Chanel hat and shoes, H & M jewellery, Cartier watch, bag by Fendi and a skirt by Mia Style, a fashion boutique near her workplace on the Gold Coast. After topping your vote, Olga’s  winning photo shoot took place at Mia Style and we’re going to bring you heaps of pics in a separate post.

Originally from Russia, now an Aussie, here’s Olga’s story in her own words….

“I grew up in Moscow in Russia. I moved to Australia more than 15 years ago to go to Bond Uni and have lived on the Gold Coast ever since.

I run my own accounting practice and love fashion and everything to do with it. Yes ! Accountants can be trendy and quirky and not grey and boring 🙂

I believe it is possible to describe my style as eclectic. I am a Gemini and my style changes with my personality each day 🙂 I love the florals and lace of Valentino as much as leather jackets, ripped jeans and biker boots of grange Saint Laurent. I guess pearls go well with studs , don’t they? 🙂 Oh yes and I do love fur 🙂 That’s probably the Russian speaking in me… I design my own clothes from time to time and I am lucky to have a brilliant dressmaker who makes my ideas come to life and to my wardrobe.

When I was spotted by the photographer from Cocktail Revolution I was quite surprised as we were just doing a very touristy thing with my husband , going to check out the fish markets. When I found out that I’ve won it was a bit of a shock as I didn’t really have thousands of my friends on Facebook to vote or anything like that. I suppose being yourself and wearing nice clothes pays off.”

Here’s a sneak-peek from Olga’s head-turning fashion shoot for Mia Style, photographed by Natalie from Interlaced Media.


Watch out for a separate post on the shoot this week, that’ll include all the deets on everything  Olga’s wearing in Our Say!


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