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Max Brenner Chocolatier – Road Test

After putting out a call about a new Road Test, we invited five of our followers and one crew to try out newly landed-in-Adelaide chocolatier, Max Brenner. One of them was Adelaide’s most recent top-voted style-fash fave, Daniel Stanning. None of our Road Testers knew what they would be trying and some had not met each other before. Thrown into a new food outlet with people they mostly didn’t know, here’s what they thought about this addition to the Adelaide eat-scene and what it has to offer.

Max Brenner Menu
Max Brenner Road Test
Max Brenner Chocolatier Fondue For Two

Daniel Stanning Road Tester Daniel StannningDaniel Stanning

I loved it. The servings are really generous. I got the Fondue for Two thinking I could manage it on my own but I didn’t even get a quarter of the way through it. But everything tasted really beautiful. I loved the Chai. I’m a big chai drinker so I ordered that and it came in a really interesting pot where you mount it over the top of the glass and it infuses with all the chai spices and shoots it over the glass. It was a bit of theatre. It was also a really nice atmosphere and you could hear yourself talk. It was a nice relaxing vibe.

Max Brenner Fondue for Two Road Test

Max Brenner Road Testers alexandra Lontos

Alexandra Lontos

I had a wonderful experience. It’s very good to have a brand  like this come and establish itself in Adelaide, especially on Rundle Street. I think what they do is great. The product is high quality. They had a good variation in the menu. I think they accommodate well for larger groups. I had the White Chocolate Cheesecake and also got extra chocolate on the side because, well, why wouldn’t you? I think this would be the sort of place that would be great for a first date. The atmosphere and the room that they’ve created is gorgeous.

I think the signature icon for Max Brenner and what represents the brand is the Hug Mug. So I definitely recommend it for hot chocolate. The way it’s served and the concept is fantastic.

Max Brenner Road Testers

Max Brenner Road Testers

Nick Pogos

It was really lovely to get together with a bunch of fashionable people and have a really good chat and some really great food. The place is really cool. Max Brenner probably has a higher quality and standard than some of the other chocolatiers. What I liked best about today was the Chocolate Cigars. I chose really well! They were amazing, just sensational. I was very happy with my choice! It wasn’t too much. The texture was right and the size was right.

Max Brenner Road Test Chocolate Cigars

Max Brenner Road Tester Jenny NgJenny Ng

The Mocha was fantastic! The Waffles were well presented, a little on the dry side. The service has been great. The atmosphere’s fantastic and the décor’s lovely in here.

Max Brenner Chocolatier Road Testers

Max Brenner Road Testers

Max Brenner Road Testers Daniel PallarasDaniel Pallaras (crew)

I had a really good time. Everyone had fun. It’s a good atmosphere in here. I really enjoyed the Mocha. It came in a Hug Mug that kept it nice and hot. I also had the Optimistic Trio. That’s chocolate mouse, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. It was nice. The place has got a good location. I enjoyed it. The staff were really lovely and made helpful suggestions. I had a really good time here.

Max_Brenner_Table_2 copy
Max Brenner Road Testers

Max Brenner Chocolatier Road Tester Claire WiebeClaire Wiebe

I thought it was great. Mine was really, really nice. There was so much variety. I had a lot of trouble choosing but when I heard someone say Banana Split, I went with that. We were enjoying sharing. They’re definitely sharing plates, there’s plenty there. The chocolate was delicious and I had plenty of chocolate, so that’s always good. I’d definitely come back and I’d recommend it. I didn’t get a hug mug and apparently that’s their speciality, so I want to try one of those.

The girls were very nice at the counter. Everyone was darling and the service was really good so I’ll be back here next week.

Max Brenner Chocolatier Banana Split

Max_Brenner_WallMax Brenner cheerful staffMax Brenner chocolatierMax Brenner chocolatier

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Max Brenner
277 Rundle Street


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