March Style-Fash Fave: Demi Tsioumanis


We now know that March’s style-fash fave, Demi Tsioumanis from Melbourne was wearing a top and skirt that she designed her self when she was snapped at the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival. Her edgy look was complimented with Georgia Pattou earings and Windsor Smith heels.



Here’s Demi’s reaction about topping the vote:

“My photo was captured as I was about to enter the Graduates Showcase at VAMFF. I was very flattered (and a little bit lost) when approached by the photographer as I’ve never been photographed before. I had absolutely no idea how to pose! I think I may have even asked how she wanted me to pose for her.. oops!

I was so excited to find out that I was even going to be featured in your gallery, so the fact that I actually won was a MASSIVE surprise! It’s funny because the day I found out I thought ‘hey, let’s check out their Facebook page and give it a like’ and my photo was the first thing that came up and I was like “WHAAAAT, I WON?!”

Starting off studying Fashion Design and Technology, Demi’s now focused on her art career which she also writes about in her blog about her loves: art, fashion and music. 20 year old Demi says her creativity’s been inspired by her mum’s craft business and the art classes she took while she lived for a time in Greece.

Says Demi about her style: “I’ve never really been one to follow fashion trends and I get most of my inspiration from Tumblr and Pinterest.”

“I have so many different styles that I can hardly keep up with myself. I had a bit of a laugh with a friend the other day because I realised how random my style is… I’m heavily inspired by Baroque art and architecture, but also 90’s grunge and urban fashion (old school Ralph Lauren, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger). I think the weirdest part is that I’m also obsessed with children’s movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Barbie. I’m almost like a sophisticated wannabe fairy princess/thug that loves history and psychology. I know… how am I even human?!”

style fashion favourite March 2016

My favourite labels are Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, KTZ,  Maison Martin Margiela (the face masks are my absolute favourite) and Australian brand Dyspnea. I’m also obsessed with Fashion Graduate collections; if I had the money I wouldn’t wear anything but their designs. Seriously amazing!”

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!”

Demi wins an amazingly colourful bunch of Happy Socks and undies and a photo shoot we’ll be posting in a couple of weeks, so watch out for it, in Our Say.

Meanwhile, check out Demi’s artwork and blog!