Lumas Gallery Melbourne Gets Creative For Your Enjoyment


Lumas Gallery Melbourne Changes Thing Up!

Let’s face it, if anyone is going to show the way with creative measures to overcome constraints imposed upon us all, it would have to be someone in the arts. And Lumas Gallery, Melbourne, is showing how.  With close links to fashion and decor, they’ve outlined in an email to clients what they are doing in the time of Corona. There are still some of life’s pleasure’s that we can enjoy!
Arrangement of Art by Lumas Gallery Melbourne
Straight from their email, here’s what they’re offering:

“1. We’ve gone virtual

Using Facebook’s 360 degree photo function, anyone can now take a tour of our gallery and see all  available works on display from their mobile or  desktop!

2. Art Consultations

LUMAS’s Art Consultation is a personalised service that provides our customers an opportunity to discuss their art needs from the comfort of their home via email, video-calling, or phone.
Salt Works by Tom Hegan

3. Superimposed Art

This one’s a fun one! All you have to do is send us a picture of an empty wall and an artwork you love. We’ll send back a customised image with a beautiful array of artworks superimposed on your wall!

4. Giveaways left, right and centre!

That’s right, we are 100% confident art won’t ever lose its wonderful power to affect people and uplift spirits, especially during difficult times like now. Look out for giveaways, offers, competitions and packages from us in the coming days on our social channels.”
Lady of the Ibis by Daria Petrelli
LUMAS Gallery Melbourne is is classified as a retailer and so remains open to small numbers of visitors who are required to practice social distancing. Plenty of hand sanitiser is on hand. This is how LUMAS, dedicated to supporting  the craft and livelihoods of over 250 incredibly talented artists who’ve put everything into their work, is continuing to support them.
Known for their progressive and collaborative approach, check out how Lumas Gallery Melbourne has worked collaboratively with those in fashion.
Lumas Gallery Melbourne
597 Church St Richmond, Victoria
LifeGoesOn_Ysabel LeMay

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