Lumas Gallery Launches New Collection


New Artists and New Editions for Autumn 2020

We’ve always known LUMAS Gallery for their amazing range of fine art and fashion photography.  Now they are adding 23 newly discovered and emerging artists and 86 hand picked new editions to their portfolio. These works are a combination of innovative and modern art pieces alongside a selection of contemporary classics, and are joining the LUMAS portfolio of over 3,000 works by 250 established and emerging artists. All works are available for purchase online and in LUMAS’ 30 galleries worldwide.
Art from the newest Lumas Gallery Exhibition

Among the new works is a photograph titled ‘Swim Girls at Molitor’ by Scottish artist Soo Burnell from her series ‘Poolside’. With inspiration from many art forms, architecture, painting, film and fashion, Burnell’s stylised works have drawn comparisons to a Wes Anderson film. To achieve this style, she uses muted pastel hues to capture the pools’ architectural highlights.

Lumag Gallery Art pieceThe team at LUMAS Gallery are extremely pleased to be adding the work of Wouter Deruytter to their portfolio. Shot in classic black-and-white, Deruytter’s work inhabits a space somewhere betweeen staged and candid. They are direct, barefaced depictions of New York streets. But at the same time, they feel theatrical and arranged with this models in lascivious poses standing over the events below. Deruytter creates portraits of portraits that are simultaneously documentarian.

modern art pieces of the ocean
New artists delivering abstract editions within this new wave of releases include Loui Jover and Bruce Boyd. In a nod to modernism, Jover visualises the enamored speculation of what it would be like to see inside the minds of Salvador Dali, Friday Kahlo, or Andy Warhol in his Deconstructed series. Meanwhile, Bruce Boyd’s 0˚C series explores the elaborate technique of freezing flower arrangements in ice over the course of several days. Randomness and intention are both at play here, as are enchanting beauty and dynamic unpredictability.

new art at Lumas Gallery
Check out their affordable art at LUMAS Gallery Australia, 597 Church St, Richmond. Or, find out more about Lumas’ creative adaptation during this time of Corona.

modern art based on movies


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