Lumas Gallery Launches 18 New Artists and 86 New Editions


Melbourne’s Fine art photographic gallery LUMAS is adding 18 newly discovered and emerging artists and 86 hand-picked new editions to their portfolio. These works are a combination of innovative and modern art pieces alongside a selection of contemporary classics and are joining the LUMAS portfolio of over 3,000 works by over 250 artists. All works are available for purchase online and in LUMAS’ 28 galleries worldwide.

LUMAS also announced a VIP Christmas Soiree at their Richmond gallery on Thursday December 3rd, 2020. They are inviting customers, media, and the general public to shop last minute Christmas gifts, alongside an exclusive exhibit of the gallery’s new portfolio releases.

Astronaught by Jirko Bannas, available at Lumas Gallery
Astronaut © Jirko Bannas

Among the new artists is Jirko Bannas, who reinterprets the medium of collage and its possibilities. He tears pieces of images, takes them out of their context, and puts them together, creating new surreal realities. The artist and designer’s Space Series reflects upon the weightlessness of outer space and is based upon the astronaut’s movement through it. While it was initially meant to provide scientific insight, he ultimately created a cunning depiction of the laws of physics, where jump ropes and hula hoops are reallocated and used to scale movement through the cosmos.

Serene Garden by Massimo Colonna
Serene Garden © Massimo Colonna

LUMAS is extremely pleased to be adding the work of Massimo Collona to their portfolio. Many legends are entwined with the city of Marrakech. As one of the four royal cities of Morocco, it’s a place steeped with history. The artist Massimo Colonna resurrects the city’s histories and its royal ambience within his work, which captures the oriental magic of the city and the compositions of its exceptional architecture and exotic birdlife. The result is a dreamy stimulant that guides the imagination to the mystics of the Orient. Colonna presents the city in his own distinctive style using virtual architectural forms that aren’t determined by statics, but by the laws of aesthetics. The noble structures and gardens are given an elegant flair when combined with the beautiful birds. The harmony of their colors and shapes create a unique visual delight.

Landscape scene, The Vision , available at Lumas Gallery
The Vision © William Patino

Joining artist William Patino’s artworks evoke an immense feeling of vastness and freedom. At the same time, they are testimonies to the sublime beauty of nature. The Australian landscape photographer’s creations entail precise compositions that can only be captured with lots of experience and knowledge. Masterfully, Patino finds the right perspective, moment, and the appropriate technological tools necessary. Only then can he turn a blissful moment in the great outdoors into a lasting experience and an impressive work of art. This series is dedicated to Patino’s adopted country. To him, New Zealand is simply the most beautiful place in the world and an endless source of inspiration. He takes hikes that last several days, exploring the mountains, valley, and lake landscapes that are far off the beaten path. Even as an experienced and much travelled photographer, the nature there always provides something surprise him. There, in direct contact with nature, Patino creates his art.

Aeroplane window view, called Taking off by Luc Dratwa
Taking Off, 21:45 © Luc Dratwa

Highlights from the new releases also include Luc Dratwa’s visually rich shots from his new ‘Flying High’ series. Some moments are brief, but full of emotion. Like when your plane is flying over New York City and the Manhattan skyline comes into view. The city that never sleeps, yet always stirs our dreams – a place full of yearning. The fascinating photos in Luc Dratwa’s Flying High series offer a new way to gaze into the city. Through the window of an airplane, the architectural grandeur of the cosmopolitan city will awaken your memories of New York.


In over 28 galleries around the world, LUMAS offers museum-quality art editions. More than 3,000 works by 250 established artists and many promising newcomers deliver a comprehensive look into the contemporary art and design scenes. The works are available as hand-signed originals in limited editions of 75-150. The LUMAS website showcases the entire portfolio, with extensive options to search by colour, theme, technique, content, and price. The website also hosts virtual exhibitions, extensive image galleries and texts about the artists.






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