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She discovered Cocktail Revolution quite by accident while she was scouring the internet looking for something else entirely. But Laura Vogt is a focussed business woman who runs Lucid8, a cute online boutique with a cute name. A nature and animal lover and an advocate for all things fair trade, Laura ensures Lucid8 provides rare and underground labels sourced from Australia and around the world that are also ethically produced and cruelty free. Says Laura: “By ethical and cruelty free I mean we will never support the fur or leather industry and nothing we sell has been mass produced in sweat-shop factories. Because our garments are not mass produced, it also means that everything you see is limited and many garments are made as a one-off.” Here’s what she’s got to say…..

“The idea for my boutique developed over a number of years, I began by purchasing funky t-shirts from local op-shops and then up-cycling them; making them unique by cutting off the sleeves and adding rips and spikes and then marketing them on eBay around summer time as festival wear! After a number of years of buying and selling on eBay I delved much deeper into fashion and found myself collecting items of clothing from hard to find designers, many of which aren’t available here in Australia. I would receive compliments about some pieces I had and many people wanted to know where I purchased certain things, but because I had been hunting for a particular piece that wasn’t available in stores anymore it was hard for people I knew to find something the same or similar.

Australia is developing rapidly when it comes to fashion and fashion trends with shops such as Zara, H&M, Topshop and Forever 21 popping up all over the place. I knew that there was a market here for something international and to us these brands seemed fresh and exciting. Australia didn’t want to be last anymore when it came to new trends and Australians are beginning to make the trends.

Having all the inspiration I needed at hand I decided to take a risk, I applied for an ABN, brainstormed a business name and contacted a designer I loved (who I knew wasn’t easily accessible to Australian) and the rest fell into place from there!


The main reason why I decided to stay away from mass production was due to the fact that many people do not give a second thought to the bigger picture when purchasing something that has been mass produced and I want to be here to shine a light on our often wasteful society and the unethical working conditions some people have to go through just to meet consumer demands.

Aside from the fact that mass produced items are obviously not rare nor highly sought after or good quality, think about this now – you purchase an “on trend” top from a mainstream store for the full price of about $15, there were probably about 1,000 or more of the same top made and it possibly cost the factory less than $3 to produce! Factory workers work awfully long hours for very low wages and often in poor working conditions and sometimes children even work in these factories too to keep up with high demand.


Due to the fact that the garments need to be made in a rush the “designer” will often purchase cheaper, lower quality fabrics and not to mention that you’d probably get rid of it after one season anyway or due to tearing and pilling or discolouration of the fabric after a few washes and in turn you are creating waste that goes to landfill and takes years to biodegrade and do you really want to be walking around wearing the same top as every second girl anyway?

By boycotting these mass produced items and also leathers and furs you are in turn decreasing the demand for these goods which means less pressure on the industry and maybe an animal’s life spared.

My goal is to create a community who understand that fashion should be fun and never serious and also uniting people who care about the animals and the environment – the people who want to be fashionable and ethical at the same time!”

Best of luck Laura!



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