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Lindyn Rowland: From Naarm to Roma

Q & A with Indigenous Stylist & Designer

Lindyn Rowland, a proud Wiradjuri and Waiben Island man, is making headlines in the fashion industry as the founder and creative director of Rowland Vision, a First Nations eyewear brand. Just a week before his move to Italy, Lindyn was in the spotlight at Australia Fashion Week, as the head stylist for the David Jones Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway.

In this exclusive interview, Lindyn opens up about his recent relocation to Europe, the future of Rowland Vision, and what lies ahead.

Lindyn Rowland at work

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the fashion & styling industry.

I honestly don’t really have the biggest styling portfolio. I am the stylist for my eyewear brand ROWLAND VISION -that’s definitely where this all started. I worked on Yokayi TV for the AFL for a hot minute and recently, I’d say manifested, the Head Stylist at Australia Fashion Week for the David Jones Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway!

Describe your personal style and how does it reflect in your brand.

My personal style is really all about street and comfort, but this changes depending of what the event is.

I always try to incorporate my style at the time into my brand. So for example, I am in this Cowboy Carter era (thanks Beyoncé) and I just did a street/cowboy shoot for my newest collection ‘Concrete Cowboy’.

Lindyn in Cowboy Carter mode on a horse

What inspired you to create Rowland Vision sunglasses?

The story behind creating ROWLAND VISION was due to my anxiety, especially being in public. Wearing sunglasses to me feels like a mask, and that somehow feels as if no one can see me if I’m wearing my sunglasses.

What are the core values and mission behind your brand?

Blak/Black Excellence, Beauty, and Representation.

Tell us about your latest collection and what inspired it.

My newest collection is called ‘Concrete Cowboy’ introducing 3 new pairs (LOVE, TEXAS, CARTER). It is inspired by The Queen Mother Beyoncé’s, Cowboy Carter!

The title ‘Concrete Cowboy’ is something I have always had in the back of my mind, even prior to the Cowboy Carter album. I have always had a love for horses, but I’m no cowboy lol, and the definition of a ‘Concrete Cowboy’ is, “A person who thinks they’re a cowboy but would be scared to get dirt on their hands, normally lives in large towns or cities” – so that’s basically me, haha!

What prompted you to move to Italy, and how has the transition been for you?

I really don’t know! I honestly feel like I needed a change and to see where that takes me!

The transition has actually been great, which I wasn’t expecting at all to be honest. I have been living in Rome for a week now, and it already feels like home.

Lindyn Rowland at the Colosseum

Has the culture of Italy inspired you?

The thing I love most about Italy is that wherever you go, you don’t have to search for the culture as it still remains where it began.

I honestly wanted to experience what that feels like – to wake up and just see the culture of the country you are in, without searching for it.

How do you see the Italian fashion scene impacting Rowland Vision?

The fashion here is already incredible, it has definitely inspired me for future collections/ideas!

What are your short-term and long-term goals for your career path?

I really don’t know. I am very spontaneous, but such a believer in manifestation, and ‘everything happens for a reason’ – so wherever that takes me in my career I’m happy.

What advice would you give to aspiring stylists and entrepreneurs looking to kick start their career in the fashion industry?

My biggest advice is, don’t think you are less of your dreams just cause someone else is living it already. Stay humble, and focused on turning those dreams into reality – you never know what could happen (I literally got the Head Stylist role at Australian Fashion Week because of my Instagram feed, so really anything can happen).

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About the Interviewer:

Rosaria Rita Daniel

Lindyn Rowland spoke with Rosaria Daniel,
content creator and art director
from South Australia with a passion
for fashion and aesthetics. Her work
includes photography, videography
and social media. Rosaria values
Australian fashion, small
businesses, other creatives, and
sustainability and making noise in the
creative community.

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