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From London Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week Men’s having wrapped on Monday, we’ve had plenty to peruse in the way of fashion style, both on and off the runway.

Across menswear and a dash of womenswear, some key trends have emerged. From serious throwback vibes to a certain ‘it’ accessory, here are 5 key fashion style trends from London Fashion Weeks Mens.

80s Fashion Style

When signature 80s styles started popping up on the fashion scene recently, nobody was sure this trend would fully blossom. It’s certainly making waves in womenswear already, but the reemergence of 80s fashion style is creeping into menswear too. Bold colour, deep V-neck styles and exaggerated shoulders are here to stay, it seems.

Cargo Pants

Elements of 90s fashion style continue to weave into current trends. A staple of the decade, cargo pants, have made a runway return. Think roomy leg styles or cargo-track pant hybrids – even patchwork cargo pieces.


Yet another key trend of the year to jump from womenswear to menswear is the colour yellow. While we tend to associate London with endless grey, the runway and street scene were showing off a brighter colour code during Fashion Week. From pastel lemon to highlighter hues, the colour yellow is trending head to toe in menswear.

Bucket Hats

On the street, one particular accessories trend stood out. The divisive bucket hat was a favourite amongst showgoers and on the runway. Perhaps bucket hats will become the headwear trend to replace the beret obsession of the last couple of years? We’re all for a change.

General Eccentricity

Well, you could say that eccentricity is trending constantly in London. Showgoers made the most of the occasion and broke every arbitrary fashion rule in the book. From major print and texture clashing to mixing and matching decade throwback pieces, every style was represented on the street scene.


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