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Laneway Festival 2020 – Quick Guide to Styling Your Festival Outfits

  Fun Festival Outfits That Are Also Practical

Mastering your festival fashion game is obviously good news for the ‘gram. It’s also the best way to ensure you get the most out of your festival experience. Whether you’re gearing to attend the last legs of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival this week or just looking for inspo for the entire season ahead, here’s your guide to nailing your festival outfits every time.

Put Your Feet First

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing the muddiest conditions or desert sands, practical footwear is the key to a festival fashion win. As unappealing as wearing closed shoes can be during the summer, you’ll be grateful you did if you find yourself in the middle of a mosh.

Low heeled cowboy boots make for incredible festival footwear and are still trending big time. Doc Martens are always a good choice, but any sturdy boot will do. If you’re a sneaker head, you might want to rock a pair that can handle a few scuffs and stains. Even grandpa’s wellington boots will do the trick (thank you forever, Kate Moss).

Be a Weather Warrior

Sunshine and music festivals are a match made in heaven. That is, until it hits 2pm and your bestie is already pointing out the sunburn taking residence on your cheeks. Sunscreen alone won’t save you from squinting at stages all day in an attempt to combat the glare. Luckily, eyewear is not only a festival necessity, but also one of the easiest ways to elevate any look.

Transform your festival outfits by adding a splash of colour or a retro shaped frame. And don’t forget a hat!

It’s safe to assume some sun is a given, but no matter what the forecast says on the morning of, every music festival seems to create its own weather system. If you don’t want to carry a jacket around all day, give reverse layering a go. A skivvy under a slip never fails and can stay rolled up in your bag until the sun goes down. Win!

Don’t Forget the Fun

Great festival fashion is as much about practicality as it is playfulness. Mastering the comfort-first approach doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look. If you want a break from day to day street style, there’s no better place to let your freak flag fly.

Many of this season’s biggest colour and print trends make for perfect festival peacocking attire. Neon hues and animal print and metallic finishes are the new statement-making staples. Heck, even metallic neon animal print makes sense in a festival setting.

If statement garms aren’t your cup of overpriced vodka Redbull, you can always play around with a new hair style or a bold makeup look instead. Coordinating with your best friend is always fun but, be warned – street style photographers might follow you around all day.

Ultimately, festival fashion is about amplifying your personal style and your experience at the same time.

Oh, one last thing.

Did you know, it’s not actually a condition of entry that you wear unicorn-shaped nipple pasties or an industrial-sized tub’s worth of body glitter?!

Just kidding, glitterbugs. You do you.

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