Let me tell you, if any fashionista is looking for inspiration and is questioning if you can continue to be stylish as you get older, (and I have seen a little too many Nannas in Pussycat tshirts to start thinking that more people should not see age as an excuse to dress ridiculously!) I have found the ultimate example that style can last forever in 93 year old New York Fashion Grande Dame, Iris Apfel. Yes, that’s right, I said NINETY THREE YEARS OLD! But Iris Apfel knows labels, she knows style. When asked about fashion, she is direct: “I don’t have rules because I’d always be breaking them.” I must say, I like her thoughts!

In what was actually the last film made by legendary 87 year old documentarian director Albert Shayles, we see how the frequently flamboyantly dressed Iris really knows how to put an outfit together. What I loved, is how she shows her delight in scouring through vintage shops, how fabulous outfits don’t have to come from expensive designer shops. Iris just has the knack –and confidence, in knowing how to put them together with finesses and originality. Unfortunately Shayles passed away before his fascinating documentary was internationally released, but that does not take away from the eccentric brilliance of Iris. It also is an effective reminder that age is only an impediment if you let it be.


As one of the world’s foremost collectors of couture fashion and jewellery, Iris Apfel began in interior design with her husband Carl, with clients such as the White House, they pretty much knew what they were doing! Even though they have both retired (Carl even celebrated his 100th birthday during the documentary!) Iris is still a “Grande Dame” in New York!


You cannot miss Iris, with her giant glasses, clashing patterns and numerous big bold necklaces and bracelets, -a shrinking violet she’s not, yet she makes it work!


Iris Apfel is a refreshing delight at her age and I actually think her contribution towards this truly enthusiastic documentary with 87 year old director Albert Shayles is such an encouraging illustration towards the irrelevance of age. What I mean is, this is the perfect example of people who might of seen many years pass by, but under no circumstances let that impede them, so they are definitely not “old”!

-Kirstey Whicker


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